Did you KNOW Ray and Cynthia or the legal copyright holder? Only a few maybe had limited contact.

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  • Simon

    You know things take a pause over the xmas break, right?

    Don't be so impatient, give people a chance.

  • cappytan
    You know things take a pause over the xmas break, right?
    Don't be so impatient, give people a chance.

    Fair point. In the long run, time will tell.
  • Listener

    Sorry, I should have explained myself a little better when I said 'readily available'. It is currently too expensive for a lot of people and for various reasons there are many that would not want payments showing up on their banking records. There are some that just don't want to pay for what could be seen as 'apostate' material.

    I agree with everything you wrote in your last post Cappytan.

    I now understand more about why Cedars did what he did (and what drove him to it) and putting aside my personal opinion on the matter, I think it is absolutely commendable that he has tried to rectify things as much as he can. We all step out of line at times but it says a lot about a person when they try to fix their errors and indiscretions.

    It's disappointing that things like this happen but when things are brought to a head, it often results in a clearer picture for the future. It is likely we will get to know where the copyright holder really stands on the matter, one way or the other.

    The copyright holder has the legal right to manage this any way they want but that doesn't mean we have to like it.

    I am wondering if it is possible to email a file equivalent to the size of Crisis of Conscience to another person with just the one attachment?

  • nicolaou
    Don't know how I missed this topic yesterday but well said Blondie.
  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    Unfortunately the ship has sailed a long time ago and this storm exists only in our little teacup.
  • Listener
    Simon - You know things take a pause over the xmas break, right?
    Don't be so impatient, give people a chance.

    That is true but surely she took that into account before she made her statement?

  • elderINewton

    Still what a fascinating range of feelings and answers relative to some ex and maybe current publishers relative to the publishing of an old book.

    Not lost on me is the timing of the watchtower with its large volume of out of print literature.

    The ship has sailed on many a book.

  • KateWild
    Many libraries have Crisis of Conscience - or can secure it through interloan services.-Steve2

    I went to four of my local libraries none of them had it and they couldn't order it in

    Kate xx

  • talesin

    There's one in my library. Many universities have it as well (one here has it). And many unis and church libraries are happy to arrange special loans, or you can visit and read there (if you consider the book is THAT vital). That was my first thought, actually - the library is where (pre WWW, I did my research.


    I will also say this - most of the information vital to anyone's learning TTATT, is on this forum, or discussed in other places. And yes, by bona fide scholars in the field, on this very DB.

    Perhaps a thread with links to JWN discussions of salient points (that use appropriate quotes from the book, in accordance with the laws, and in line with the Franz' wishes) would be a good idea?

    To all lurkers, and those seeking to learn about this, there are many excellent threads. Members to check for awesome essays and discussions are Amazing (yup,he was, totally amazing), Farkel (enfant terrible and big ole softie), Onacruse (deep thinker), Hillary_Step (respect) and many others.

    *This* is what we do - we find solutions to help people learn about and escape this cult. We don't have to be formally organized, to co-operate on an important issue. It's all about support and disseminating facts.

    We should support the caretakers of this man who gave up more than we know, Ray Franz, and his wife, Cynthia, and the woman who was given the task of protecting his legacy.

    Timeline of Events since copyright changed hands:

    As I explained on a previous thread - Mrs. Franz died late December, 2013. That's 2 years, or 24 months ago. It took 18 months to effect the Transfer of Copyright - there is a link to the US Gov't site which states that today, the waiting period is about 14 months. Let's say at least 3 months for probate court - and if there was no will,.as someone has intimated, maybe even 6 months to get things straightened out.

    18 months + 3 months = 21 months. So, that leaves 3 months lag - let's get REAL. So, in the last several months, CofC could have been put online, as an E-Book. But no, Mr. John Cedars aka Lloyd Evans decides it's been just too long, and he has to start selling books. Now, there is a mess. People are arguing, creating needless drama over a nonissue. (see above, the facts are here, and some wonderful teachers - the book can be read anytime)

    Also, we discussed the costs of translation - this needs to be done, and soon. That, too, is one of the considerations that is taking time. No one is going to retire on the 'profits' from this book.


    Give the custodian a break (do you 'get' the timeline now?), and realize how discouraging it must be for HER to know all this is going on.


    Remember, your world is no longer black and white. Judgment calls and opinions are expected to be based on facts and real-world expectations. 1. We don't 'need' the book - that is claptrap, it's all here. 2. Use this as a learning experience, to get the facts, and avoid drama queens. xx

    PS. Blondie, tks for setting a few things straight. You're the best. : )

  • KateWild
    Good ideas Tal xx

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