Did you KNOW Ray and Cynthia or the legal copyright holder? Only a few maybe had limited contact.

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  • SAHS

    It would be great if the current copyright holders would at least do something to make Raymond’s books available for purchase in one form or another, at least as an e-book, seeing that there is in fact a rising demand for it. The overhead costs for marketing some electronic form of the books, I would think, would be pretty well nothing in comparison to an actual hard copy printing run. It would just require some nominal storage space on a public server, such as Amazon. (That is, as long as they wouldn’t impose those ridiculous, Goddamn “geographical restrictions,” which Amazon is unfortunately notorious for. When I’m trying to purchase something from Amazon and I just get a message informing me that my order “cannot be processed due to geographical restrictions” just because I live here in Canada instead of the USA, then it’s all I can do to keep myself from putting my fist right through my computer monitor! God help me if that ever happens to me after I’ve had a coupe of pints of draft beer, I swear.)

    But if for some strange reason the current copyright holders of Raymond’s books are unwilling to make them available for purchase even in electronic form, then they should at least look for someone else willing to invest in legally buying them out and taking over the copyright ownership so as to allow the ever-increasing market for those books to purchase them legitimately.

    There will always be unscrupulous pirates no matter what – just like there will always be folks who download music from torrent sites and smoke pot, etc. All well. Let’s be real. (As the JWs would probably say, “It’s Satan’s world, don’t you know.”) But, on the other hand, people shouldn’t tempt fate by lazily or stubbornly sitting on books that many people really do want and would very gladly pay for legitimately.

    The current copyright holders should, as they say, either make or get off the pot and let someone else with a little more gumption take it over. That way, everyone wins, and those well-written and powerfully important books of our dear Raymond Franz could actually live on to enlighten the current new generation of JWs. I think that would show the highest respect for Raymond’s work – and I’m sure that we would all agree that would be exactly what he would have wanted!

  • steve2

    Marvin, I genuinely did not know you weren't refering to Ray's books in your earlier response. Had I known I would not have deliberately said you were referring to his books. Thank you for correcting my wrong impression.

  • steve2
    To notsurewheretogo, yes I agree there is no single uniform "view" being expressed by the "exjw community". But then that has never been the aim. Individuals will form their own views and there will be debates. It happens among adults who live in free societies. I know this can be of concern to jws looking for uniform esjw views but that can only result when you have people prepared to submit to other human's authority.
  • DesirousOfChange

    I agree there is no single uniform "view" being expressed by the "exjw community". But then that has never been the aim. Individuals will form their own views and there will be debates.

    And ain't that a damn shame. It's sometimes tough for former JWs to adapt to the real world. We come from a place where "unity" is the highest priority. Unity is demanded (or else!).

    I recall a sister back home (with an UBM) that felt she had to "pass everything by" the local elders for their blessing. Her new job. Her new car (and why is was a 2-door convertible).

    Another zealot of a newbie JW woman that wanted her kids to sit for the Pledge (even though most JW kids stand, but do not recite the words nor place their hand on their heart). She thought it was better for her kids to take the stand of REFUSING to stand for it and she was disappointed/hurt when no other JW parents supported her fanatical view. "We need to be united." -- No, each person has to follow their own Christian trained conscience. (Fuck off, Bitch!)


  • Landy
    Can we start a sweep on the post number for either the thread being locked or Godwin's to make an appearance?
  • blondie

    The copyright holder is doing many things right now to keep things on the road. I take it you must feel you are experienced in copyright law.........right. They aren't home eating bonbons. They have jobs, families, and other responsibilities besides this but they are doing it all. juggling many balls at the same time.

    Why doesn't some start a list of other books that have exposed the WTS on another thread to deal with your impatience.

  • Listener

    It's very disappointing that this book is still not readily available by legal means. It seems that there has been more of an effort put into stopping people having access to this book.

    The Watchtower must be delighted.

    The current situation is now worse than ever.

  • GLTirebiter

    It's very disappointing that this book is still not readily available by legal means.

    It's legally available through Amazon, though somewhat pricey.

  • steve2
    Many libraries have Crisis of Conscience - or can secure it through interloan services.
  • cappytan

    On December 12, 2015 this is what the copyright holder stated:

    I am presently considering three different routes to publishing Crisis of Conscience. I hope to make a decision within days and plan to publish within weeks. Please stay tuned on what I am doing. I plan to update this webpage with the latest information concerning the publishing of Raymond Franz works in print, Kindle and electronic formatting. I plan to work very hard to make Crisis of Conscience available to everyone that would like to have a copy.

    To repeat, "Within weeks." So, I suppose, if it takes 3 years to get it published, she's still telling the truth since she didn't specify how many weeks. /s

    I could have an ebook on Amazon within 72 hours if I was the copyright holder (their current waiting period.)

    I would be saddened if we're still asking when it will be published this Summer, though I would definitely not be shocked.

    Go ahead and click dislike all you want. I certainly dislike the whole situation.

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