Caleb and Sofia used to brainwash children

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  • tiki

    4 months old and shes starting in on the poor baby? Tell her that you feel it is inappropriate. Lots of good ideas above...I esp like the one that tv and/or videos are poor choices for mental development of babies..toddlers, etc.

    And I did subject myself to a couple of those videos and found them abominable disgusting...sick manipulation. They should be outlawed.

  • Diogenesister

    shattered_origins there is a of evidence to suggest that kids under 2 should not be exposed to TV fullstop.

    TV is an easy thing to stop - so you don't even have to get all anti JW about it, just make it a TV thing period. There, thats one hurdle sorted!

  • nonjwspouse

    I am reminded of years ago, before the video became "public" to the Jw's at the convention release, when the first one was leaked to Youtube. I took the laptop to my husband and said " please watch this and tell me if you think this is officially from the WTBTS." And told him it bothered me very much. He watched, he made grimaces several times during the video, then concluded it couldn't possibly be from the WTBTS, that it had to be apostate material trying to make the JWs look bad. He commented how it was way over the top and inappropriate. ( This from a guy who was at that time, and still is as far as I know, convinced he was on his way to baptism - mentally in.)

    Yeah, that was a shining moment of victory for un-witnessing to my husband. I didn't say anything else, but showed confusion, commenting on how it looked so much like it really was from the WTBTS. I dropped it. Then, well, he found out the truth month or so later....

  • done4good

    What sparrowdown said. Be firm about it, too.


  • OrphanCrow
    room215: What's next? Sophia and Caleb action figures?


    More here.

  • mimimimi
    Don't make any excuses; i.e. marital problems, etc. Just tell her flat out that you and your husband do not want your child exposed to these videos, that they are manipulative and use mind control techniques. Make it clear that She will not have unsupervised visits if she tries to indoctrinate your child. Then I would follow through and begin supervised visits only because I guarantee she will not respect your wishes in this matter.
  • pbrow


    You are free with your husband and most importantly your children. So many would dream to be in your position. GTFO!! I know its hard to hear but if you have to silence your own voice because of family or friends then they are toxic for you and your children.


  • betterdaze
    If a caregiver was exposing your son to porno movies, would you say:

    "I think I'll let it go for now since my son is still an infant."

    If a caregiver brought your son to a disease infested crack house, would you say:

    "I think I'll let it go for now since my son is still an infant."

    If a caregiver allowed your son to be physically or sexually exploited by the crack house addicts, would you say:

    "I think I'll let it go for now since my son is still an infant."

    These cartoons are spiritual porn designed to addict him. Soon she’ll drag him to the Kingdom Hall crack house where he’ll be surrounded by other druggies with zero future prospects. By the time he can walk, she’ll be pimping him out in field service. Oh, how they love to use babies as human shields at the doors!

    You and your husband need to present a united front and put a stop this destructive process NOW.

  • BluesBrother

    I am not a parent or a grandpa ....but I can see the danger of these cartoons. Why do they use them? Because they work, and speak to little ones in a way that grown ups don't always get through.

    Right from the beginning, with the "Sparlock" vid, I knew that if I were a devout dub parent I would not want them speaking directly to my kid , choosing his toys. That would be my job. And as for that one about putting her ice-cream money in the contribution box? That was disgusting!.... It is one thing to say , be generous to others, but another thing to say "Give it to ME !"

  • Finkelstein

    Probably one of the most disturbing things I've seen coming out from the WTS is the use of animated cartoon characters such as Sofia , with the heading putting Jehovah purpose first over candy. Putting forth the insinuation that children would do better to not spend extra money on candy, but rather to place into a contribution box at their Kingdom Hall.

    These guys are dealing with hundreds millions of dollars much of it hidden away from the majority of JWS. .

    Instead of asking for money from children, why don't the GB members take less air flights around the world, that should save a few coins.

    This business of deceit continues as this endeavoring illusion of smoke and mirrors.

    Quite frankly I think this " We are low on money " is just a lying ploy based from the fact that the WTS has recently accumulated hundred of millions in real estate sales. ......

    It doesn't serve the WTS well to let it be known that it has a pile of cash as high as a mountain.

    God bless his own publishing company

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