Caleb and Sofia used to brainwash children

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  • shattered_origins
    Okay, I need to vent. As a newly Awoken individual, I have yet to "come out" to my hard core jdub parents. My plan was to lay low and use my unbelieving husband and baby as an excuse for my "inactivity", it has worked for the last few months. Well today I came home from work and my mom was playing Caleb and sofia videos for my 4 month old son. Now, I was disfellowshipped for 5ish years and didn't make any effort to familiarize myself with the new jw site once reinstated. But I want to know what my son is being exposed to, so I check out the kids section and OH MY GOD they are using cartoon characters to brainwash children!!! I watched ONE caleb and sofia VIDEO and am APALLED at the manipulation. My mom works secularly and takes care of my grandparents, so she doesn't babysit often. I think I'll let it go for now since my son is still an infant. But if she keeps it up I'll tell her my husband doesn't want our child exposed (which is true and he said I can use him as an excuse haha). But then she may do it anyway, claiming we need to "obey god rather than men." Argh. Thoughts?
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    "But if she keeps it up..."

    She will keep it up so you should tell her to stop promptly. If she defies you then you should not allow your child to be with her. Sorry if that sounds harsh. I also suggest you watch more of those Caleb and Sophia videos to strengthen your resolve.

  • JWdaughter

    I had to put my foot down with my mom regarding issue with my kids-not all were JW, related-I had to fight for her to use the stupid car seat! There is nothing wrong with her just having supervised visitation if she defies you on this.

    I would not let the shows go past one year of age. Kids start getting attached to (stupid) shows. They have no discretion, or Barney would not exist. Just a friendly warning.

  • LisaRose

    Supervised visits only. There was a court case where some JW grandparents used their granddaughter's mom (who was never a JW) to be allowed unsupervised visits. The mom was fine with visits until they started the cult indoctrination, but they wouldn't stop so she only allowed supervised visits. Of course this went no where, the courts uphold parental rights in religious instruction unless there is something wrong with the parents.

    You have your husband for an excuse so just make it clear she cannot do this and if she doesn't listen she will loose unsupervised contact. Children are impressionable, and this stuff is toxic.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Children are by nature a bit narcissistic and they see things in black and white. The Caleb and Sophia videos feed them with the idea that their every little movement can make the god of the universe happy or make him very sad. This puts tremendous pressure on them to comply with rest of the Watchtower programming that is foisted upon them.

    If you can't tell your Mom outright that you don't want your kid subjected to JW videos, you could tell her that you've heard that it's not wise to use the TV or kids videos as a babysitter even if the videos are supposedly educational.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Pete Zahut:

    "If you can't tell your Mom outright that you don't want your kid subjected to JW videos, you could tell her that you've heard that it's not wise to use the TV or kids videos as a babysitter even if the videos are supposedly educational."

    I respectfully disagree Pete. She has to confront her mother vigorously with no excuses or she'll appear weak. Nip this situation in the bud before it grows into something bigger.

  • millie210

    Its nice that your baby is young enough that you have some time to figure out exactly how you want to handle this.

    When (if) you tell her no to the videos from the Org could you have some videos to hand her that are appropriate? Something like the "Baby Einstein" videos perhaps?

    II mention those because they are popular even with the Witness moms although they are not religious at all.

    That way your mom could have something you both agree on th show the baby.

  • stuckinarut2

    A psychologist my brother knew was shown these videos.

    Her reaction was utter disbelief and shock! She told the rest of her colleagues about the manipulative techniques, and they too were astounded....

  • GLTirebiter

    How to deal with Caleb and Sophie videos...

  • jwfacts

    Either prevent your mother showing these videos now, or soon you will start answering questions from your child as to why you don't love Jehovah and how you will die at Armageddon.

    Don't think that 4 is too young to be influenced. My son was 4 when he wanted to know why I am shunned, and asked questions about where life came from and what happens when we die.

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