JW Expressions We Hate

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  • Gefangene

    Sheeplike ones

    Spiritually weak

    Wholesome association/activities

    Mature christian


    Personal relationship with Jehovah

  • wannaexit

    I really dislike:

    "One scholar said"


    "But they are worldly"

    "going to the hall"

    "family worship"

    "Going pioneering"

    "Need greaters"

    "the anointed"

    "stepping stone to greater activity"

    "reaching out"

  • finallysomepride

    Wait on jehovah

  • sowhatnow

    some that i have heard lately spewed from my mom..

    you have 'apostate thinking'

    we have an 'international brotherhood'

    we must be 'obedient to gods word'

    donation 'arrangement' lol

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    undeserved kindness---who doesn't deserve kindness?

    privileges---you know it's something you're expected to do

    good for nothing slave---another way to control and destroy one's self esteem

    elder---when addressing someone in their 20s

    soon---how long is that?

    Bible study when referring to a person---first of all it should be "Bible student", but more correctly it is a student of the Watchtower.

    worldly---a term used to elevate oneself while putting down everyone who wasn't a JW

    hurting Jehovah---going against the governing body

    new light---the governing body can change what we are supposed to believe on a moment's notice even if a belief has been in place for many years

    Reopened Mind

  • tiki

    He may be in the truth...but is the truth in him

    Things unbecoming a Christian

    Our quest for eternal life

    How happifying....


    He...she...they. Are falling out of the truth....

    They fell out of the truth

  • rebel8

    one of jehovah's witnesses.


  • Magwitch
    Jehovah is using imperfect men (just another way of saying STFU and obey)
  • ToesUp
    Kingdom interests
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    "Good morning! Nice to find you home today. We're talking with our neighbours today about...."

    "The Governing Body loves you...."

    "Are you whole-souled? Or is there a *hole* in your soul?"

    ... (ha, these next three are fun to read in order!)

    ".... lusting over..."

    "Jehovah and his earthly organization /representatives"

    "... whose genitals were like horses and their emissions like donkeys..."


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