JW Expressions We Hate

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  • Socrateswannabe

    I was browsing through stuff on jw.org recently and ran across some expressions that really grate on my nerves: loyal love, loving-care, and loving-kindness, as in: "Please exercise loving-kindness toward your servant." Who talks like that? They must be relics of the Fred Franz era.

    How about you? What JW words or phrases do you hate? And please don't say all of them!

  • talesin

    "The Truth"

    "waiting on Jehovah"


    .. well, that's a start.

  • JW_Rogue

    -agape love/brotherly love

    -spiritual food at the right time

    -encouraging expressions

    -our most treasured hope for the future


    Image result for kingdom hall.Image result for we missed you


  • Socrateswannabe
    Those are some good ones, folks! And thanks Outlaw, I agree with Clint!
  • LongHairGal

    I hate that expression "the Truth". More like a falsehood to me!

    I also hated the term "wait on Jehovah" because the term is a thought-stopper that prevents people from thinking and even solving a problem! Can you imagine somebody knowing about some kind of abuse and doing nothing and saying "wait on Jehovah"? A term like this refers to the very big world picture. But, the everyday stuff regular people were designed to take care of.

    There is so much wrong with this religion but much of the lingo encourages people to just accept bad things and do nothing but put their heads in the sand!

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    Receive Jehovah's blessing.

    Shepherding visit.

    Get my hours in.

    The end of this system of things.

    (After someone dies who wasn't a JW) Well, at least now he will be resurrected.

    Our spiritual paradise.

    (after a meeting) Tell your wife we missed her or is your wife sick?

    Let's go in service together.

    Jehovah will bless your efforts.

  • exjwlemming

    "The Society"

    "The Faithful and Discrete Slave"



    "Goat like"

    "Governing Body"

  • Late Bloomer
    Late Bloomer

    I hate the phrase "brings out" that some Jdubs would say when giving comments.

    "As the paragraph brings out..."

    "As the scripture brings out..."

    "As Bro/Sis Jones brought out..."

    I get what they're trying to say, but they're trying too hard to sound intelligent.

  • smiddy

    All religions , other than JW`s are "Babylon The Great" False Religion .

    Makes you wonder why GB member Geoffrey Jackson said when questioned by Angus Stewart at the ARC , Do you believe Jehovah`s Witnesses are the only Religion God is using today ? or words to that effect .

    And his answer was : "That would be presumptuous of me to say that" I believe that was his exact quote.

    " Not everybody in the KH is an approved associate ".

    " That person is weak in the truth " as against "That person is strong in the truth" a disapproved and an approved associate in the congregation.

    " That person is marked " a questionable person to hang out with .


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