Congregations That May Dissolve Soon!!

by Atlantis 58 Replies latest jw friends

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Update...Avonmore Congregation is remodeling.

  • Vidiot
    Doctor Who - "Update...Avonmore Congregation is remodeling."

    Bets on how soon afterward the Hall gets put up for sale? :smirk:

  • carla

    If congregations are being forced to merge with other cong's then what about trying to keep congs to less then say 140-120 people or so? I know that they allow different congs in each kh at different times but some must have to overlap (lol). Would some jw's see this as the 'religion' becoming like the mega churches? Yes, I realize that a cong of 200 would not be considered 'mega' by normal standards but we are talking about jw's here.

  • hoser

    It’s so easy to fall through the cracks in a big congregation. Vidiot might be on to something. They just don’t want the half ass believers.

  • Vidiot
    hoser - "Vidiot might be on to something. They just don’t want the half ass believers."

    It's a really weird dichotomy.

    An unspoken desire (on their part) to get rid of the "lukewarm" seems so obvious when you know to look for it...

    ...and yet also seems so utterly paradoxical and contradictory, considering how much the Org bends over backwards to coerce people into staying.

    I suppose that kind of thing is to be expected, though, for a leadership that knows it's wrong...

    ...but believes it's True... the same.

  • JoenB75

    Makes sense. The skeptical ones are not easy to manipulate, they talk crap and dont payup

  • Vidiot

    Ironic, considering that the non-skeptics are so goddamn broke (in no small part due to following the Org's demonization of "higher education"), that they can't pay up, either.


  • westiebilly11

    The time left is reduced?...The congregations left are reduced.

  • JoenB75

    Well the non-skeptics may be broke but they contributed greatly to cost efficient high yield investments in buildings / property ☺️

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