No pension no preparation for retirement

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  • Mikejw

    That’s the things about most JWs who spend lots of time ‘on the min’ which usually means coffee and chatting most of their lives

    they haven’t spent much time working secularly

    they keep very simple lives and claim a lot from government all the time saying satans world yet using it to the full when it suits

    you can have it both ways, yet they seem to try to. Take from Cesar when he s handing out, but don’t pay that much back into Cesar because it would require working for him

  • Mikejw

    While it may be true that they penalize high-earners where you are - the problem with saying this is that you will have lazy fools (JWs and others) who will use this as an excuse to do absolutely nothing. And that’s the truth.

    It’s all to do with education. Most of us brought up in the truth were told not to get any further education so everyone pioneered straight from school with a humble min wage job or some cleaning.

    not earning enough to pay much into satans world. Actually many countries the most coman job for JWs is window cleaning which is all cash. They declare the min amount of profit to pay no tax because of course their car and ministry are all ‘expenses’

    they make no plans for retirement because we are in the final part of the final part the last day of the last days

    I hear so many talk about what a protection Jesus advise is to keep a simple life, I have heard it said that the cost of living crisis won’t affect us so much because we follow Jesus advice to keep a simple eye.

    they say all the financial crisis and food shortages won’t affect Jehovahs people so much because we are used to simple life and if the financial system crashed then we never had much to lose anyway 🤣

  • Balaamsass2

    Thanks, LongHairGal.

    I agree with you. The funny thing is the bible actually admonished working hard, thrift, and saving money for emergencies.."Go to the ant you lazy one". It is fascinating how Watchtower expounds from the pulpit so many non-biblical teachings...and tries to punish people for actually following sound scriptural advice.

    As far as feeling pity, it is hard to see a senior sleeping on the ground, carrying all her worldly belongings in plastic trash bags because she hung on every word of deluded pompous ass hats in New York.

    My current wife of 22 years, a lovely woman with common sense,(third gen) agrees with you. :)

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Balaamass 2

    Carbon copy here wife left in 2004 as I was a threat to her spirituality. Only difference she has a annual income of $36,000 alimony paid by me. 2004-2022 ,18 1/2 years x $36,000 = $666,000.00. From your position under the porch you know Connie.

    It was after she left I started to send those letters to the homes of the local publishers which got me specifically mentioned in the 2013 summer convention talk "Human Apostates". Which I would believe would make me the only one on this site to have the honor of having the GB put me in their talk as an apostate using the new tactic of sending letters to publishers homes and sending it around the world.

    I guess that paying out $666,000 certifies that I am one sandwich short of a picnic, had I turned into "a porch dog" I could still have Connie, my son's, daughters in law and at least know the names of my 10 grandchildren. But the down side of that I would still have Connie.

    I still write letters, I got one in to the AMA dealing with Lev.5:1 and the 1987 Sept1 Wt article "A Time to Speak When ?" and the 2013 NWRT revision of Lev.5:1. But being one sandwich short of a picnic long odds that I can get the AMA make the connection to the blood transfusion policy.

    Private message me and I will take you out to coffee.

    Shalom Bill

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  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert


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    Why not just say "peace"?

  • Mikejw

    Special pioneers get a flexible allowance depending on where they live and cost of living. They always have their rent paid no matter what it is.

    the rule in bethel now is if your over 60 and in special full time service then you are good for life. You just have to make it to 60 and you are set.

    some of the old sisters are so selfish apparently. I hear of one old sister as a typical example. She wakes up in the night and wants a nurse to take her to the toilet then she wants moisturising and then special hand cream. Some of the old brothers are worse and a bit perverted asking the volunteers to do things and they always get whatever they want.

    Depends on who you know and what you can get away with. It makes me mad because I have a huge chunk of my best years to the Borg and some of us worked damn hard in Bethel. Some had cushy offices where they web surf all day. They use Bethel cars and even bethel funds for travel and holidays. They can use brothers and the bethel vans to go pick up furniture and other things for free.

    The fact that they are trying to make it to 60 for a luxury retirement just shows they are not expecting the end to come and they know in their heart the Borg are wrong about 1914 again.

    My guess by 2030 give or take a few years they will have to admit they were wrong again about 1914. Of course it will be presented as exciting new light.

    If they don’t have some new light about 1914 and we get to late 2030s then that is to far away from 1914 even with the overlapping new light

  • fulano

    When has that rule changed that SP get flexible allowances? Do you mean it differs from country to country? That has always been the case. It used to be the same amount for everyone in the same country. We had around 500 Dutch guilders each (€250), and had to pay our own rent.

    I remember it as the poorest years of my life.

  • joe134cd

    I have a relative who swallowed their nonsense, and is now suffering. Had photos up on her wall of all the pioneer schools he’s attended. Never married, no kids, and earring 70 is out on his own as far as caring for himself.

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