Two Brothers Living Together - Never Dated Girls...

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  • Vidiot
    "What were the two guys' names? Patrick Fitzwilliam and William Fitzpatrick?"

    Slappy McHappypants and Happy McSlappypants. :smirk:

  • karter

    Myself and a few other j.w's were working on a shop in Auckland n.z there was a toilet block across the rd that was a well known gay hang out we all saw a j.w guy we all knew and suspected he was a closet gay go in there and come out half an hour latter.karter.

  • pale.emperor

    "What were the two guys' names? Patrick Fitzwilliam and William Fitzpatrick?"

    Den Dover and Phil McKavity

  • bohm
    Well, i can understand the elders might be concerned these two sheeps are engaged in homursheksual acts, but thanks to the instructions from gods channel it is easy to solve: any tight pants?
  • BlackWolf

    At a Cong I used to go to, there was an elder and a ministerial servant that lived together, and seemed very close. I thought they were obviously gay, my mom did too, but I guess nobody dared to question.

  • exjwlemming

    Their names were Patrick Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick.

  • Calebs Airplane
  • Finkelstein
  • jwleaks

    The GOD Couple: guardians of d!ck

  • rebel8

    Well look, in only 3 pages, this thread has covered most of the gay stereotypes. Quite an accomplishment.

    OP, I think they are gay, asexual, or just late to bloom sexually. None of this is any of our business--not that it matters, since we are not identifying them. It sounds like they are somewhat happy, which is beautiful. I hope they free their minds one day.

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