Two Brothers Living Together - Never Dated Girls...

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    What were the two guys' names? Patrick Fitzwilliam and William Fitzpatrick?

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    Unless someone in this situation (that is being assumed here) has somehow rationalized that it is OK in their own minds, I cannot imagine the guilt and self-hate (sorry if that is too strong?) they must deal with all the time. Frankly, I don't see WTS ever changing it's position on gays/lesbians. The leaders who make the decisions on such matters are generally uneducated on most everything, but especially on issues like this. . . . . Doc


    Just leave them be.......the angst they have to deal with [it appears to have been concluded here that they are gay? ] is torture for them ...........Nothing kicks the HomoPhobe out of one quicker than having to deal with a family member who is gay ! ...........

  • NVR2L8

    My never married 60 year old sister has been living with another sister her age for at least the last 25 years. They share a 2 bedroom flat in the city and both had a full time job until the friend retired last year. When my sister comes for a visit she's usually on her own but occasionally she's taken her room mate along to visit or on trips with my wife and I. When younger my sister attracted the interest of a few boys but I don't think she wanted to have to answer or submit to a husband. That's what she said to a bossy elder who didn't like that her stylish dresses were too short in his opinion. Having been raised with boys she know her ways around cars and she even rides a motorcycle. Still she is very feminine in her ways like her friend who is a very attractive woman at 60. I could see how the neighbours would view them as a couple and although I wouldn't be offended if they were, I believe that they're best friends living in the same flat and that they adhere to the JW doctrine.

    Several years back I believe there was a WT article that mentioned that if our living arrangements could be perceived by neighbors as an homosexual couple that it would be better to live separately...does anyone remember that?

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    I've seen worse than this. But I better not talk about it because you never know who's reading.

    On the one hand you got to feel sorry for gay JWs who are closeted. On the other hand I've known some almighty hypocrites it's difficult to feel sorry for.

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    On the one hand you got to feel sorry for gay JWs who are closeted - yes, you have. And, Wednesday afternoon silliness aside, I do too. I hope that gay JWs wake up and realise that being gay is alright, nothing to be ashamed of. I hope they realise the WTS is a croc and escape, just like hetero-people.

    I read something about two possibly gay male JWs living together who were made Min Servants and something tickled me, that's all.

    But I welcome all people, straight, gay, black, white, whatever.

    I'm not so keen on gingers, though. When I see people with the complexion of a laboratory rat, my mind goes straight to wondering what colour their pubic hair is.

    P.S. no LGBT people were harmed during the posting of my lame comments.

  • Vidiot

    sir82 - "There are 10's if not hundreds of thousands of closeted gays in JW-land. It's one of WT's best-kept secrets."

    Don't kid yourself.

    It ain't that secret. :smirk:

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    What were the two guys' names? Patrick Fitzwilliam and William Fitzpatrick?

    Pat Mcgroin maybe?

    I know of two pioneer partners who had a gay relationship. One married and the other single. Neither were disfellowshiped. Probably because the married one was married to an elder.

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    I have never seen males brothers attached to each other and living together, on the other hand I have seen females living together and taking care of each for years; sometimes lifetime. Outsiders always figure it out that there was something going on but decided to let them mind their life, none of the cases that I know exploded into a full blown scandal.

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