Yesterday we bought our Very First Christmas Tree!

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    Congrates on your first tree. Have a blast!

    One thing I always did was each year I gave my kids their own ornament on a present. Then when they grew up and moved out of the house they had a set of ornaments for their first tree. Ornaments that they grew up with. I have done it with my grandkids every year also. So they will always have an ornament from Grandma and Grandpa for each year of their life. I date each one and sign them.

    Vita, Decorate the most beautiful tree in your BEDROOM. Shut the door when comany comes. Enjoy it!


    WooHoo!! Congratulations on yer first treeeeee!!!!!

    That's soooo coooool!!!

    I put up my brand new tree on November 1. It is one of them cute fiber optics treez!!!Rolly

    This is my fourth Christmas!!! I luuuuuurve Christmas!!!


  • OICU8it2

    Hey, Nina, good for you! I bought my first one last week. It's got fiber optic lights and all. Felt like I took some symbolic giant leap. My family is so proud of me. (we're all out, now). Best to ya and MERRY CHRISTMAS. Carlton

  • gumby


    I am glad you and BT are having fun acting like wordly people and sowing your wild oats. Have you stopped to think how you two and the kids are going to feel when you start having demon problems?

    (I'm trying to sound like my sweet annointed superdub grandma who died)

    I think what your doing would be fun too. When I was young.......real young, my dad made us stop going to meetings and we celebrated christmas for some years. We all loved it and my dad even had santa come. I remember we were afraid of him though.........(damn dub brainwashin)

    Be sure and get some pics of the big day. I wanna see tex in those tight thermal underwear he wears on cold morn'ins.


  • Sassy

    Wow. So many here celebrating for the first time. Me too. I feel like a litte kid experiencing fun for the first time. My bday is next month too! I hope it is a wonderful one for you Nina, and everyone else too!

  • micheal

    Wow Nina that is so cool. Have a merry christmas and glad tidings to all!!!!

  • SheilaM

    Cruzan Thunder is wanting to buy another Christmas tree.

    Our first year we had enough ornaments to cover the tree LOL and I think he plans on shopping for more

  • iiz2cool

    I don't have one yet. Haven't really thought about it. Maybe I'll look for one next week.


  • alamb

    Merry Christmas Nina and family!

    This will be our second and I'm thinking of putting the tree up this week! If you send me your address, I'll send you a card too. Have a wonderful holiday.

  • FreeFallin


    How exciting for you and the family! i envy you. I love trees, but I'm afraid to put one up, and my husband is not keen on the idea at all. Too bad you can't have a real tree, the smell is divine.


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