JW Broadcasting—November 2015

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  • stuckinarut2

    Manipulative propaganda at its finest...

  • krejames
    great cure for insomnia
  • Heaven

    "Sadly 'some' of Jehovah's people have drifted away...become inactive...no longer attending meetings or going out in the ministry."

    Yeah... dementia has a way of doing that to a person. And my Dad will never be returning.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Only clicked through to catch some scenes. Watching too much would have a laxative effect on me.

    • A video about making a video. Pretty lame. Looked more like JW donations used to pay for bethel tourists.
    • Preaching in the remotest part of the earth, eh? Try sending those vans of JWs into Syria and report how the desert god has blessed your work.
    • Some poor people that were so close to real freedom, but were still deceived by cult propaganda. It's sad when JWs realize something isn't right and begin drifting away, but then get love-bombed back into the cognitive dissonance of obedience to a Bronze Age god that is channeled by some old, fat men in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, some people are really impressed by a storybook about a god that couldn't conquer enemies with iron chariot wheels.

    Caught this line late in the video about how the other bethel heavies will be trotted out to read the teleprompter on the boredcast:

    "We are sure you will enjoy this new arrangement."

    More like, "We are going to tell you the only way you are allowed to feel. You will unquestioningly pretend to enjoy whatever rubbish we keep putting out for you."

  • Listener
    Is the welcome back song at the end sung by George Bensen? Not that the quality is as good as his songs, it does sound like him.
  • sparrowdown
  • steve2

    What goes up must come down/

    spinning wheel, spinning round......

  • EndofMysteries
    The GB have spent too much time doing work instead of their secret vacations, retreats, etc, so now they get to do a little work every other month, then prob next year every 3 months, etc.
  • Dunedain

    WOW, talk about propoganda at its finest/worst. So, they are making a video about making a video of, essentially, EXPLOITING a tragedy that happened to their own kinsmen/"brothers". Forcing men, woman, and children, to "smile for the camera", while we pretend everything is great, especially for us, cause we have a one way ticket back to Governing Body land.

    I literally, lol'd when the korean "brother", said how they " felt like they were getting Jehovahs spirit, cause it gave them almost superhuman strength to stay up all night, and coordinate the video". Yeah, right, what a freaking joke, like NO other humans on the planet have ADRENALINE, yeah thats right, its ADRENALINE, not Gods spirit.

    I also lol'd, when in the beginning, they showed how there was no electric, but THEY NEEDED to charge their equipment, and Jehovah provided by them having access to the, probably, only generator the brothers had. Yeah, i bet those brothers LOVED waisting the precious fuel/gas, that runs the generator, on your fucking cameras and cellphones. That action, kinda puts the whole video into perspective.

  • berrygerry
    Sister Drifted received a large blessing - he looks like Sanderson's brother.

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