JW Broadcasting—November 2015

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  • berrygerry

    Ah Sister Yuen, what a fine example of martyrdom and child abandonment.

    Too bad she had not heard of "Theocratic Warfare," or hadn't been in Mexico.

  • floriferous

    Yes Sister Yuen.........what exactly did she accomplish by choosing to be loyal to the Watchtower Organisation rather than her husband & children?

    I asked this from the audience when she visited a local congregation during her 'Martyrdom for the Watchtower' tour of the Western World.

    It was not appreciated by the chairman sat on stage.

    Lovely lady, however she definitely made the wrong choice.

  • Jeffro
    A couple of months after Geoffrey Jackson said under oath to the Australian Royal Commission that JWs who simply 'fade' are not hassled and that shunning is not the only way to leave the religion, they have a campaign with videos telling JWs to hassle 'faded' JWs.
  • Jeffro


    At 33:53, the woman uses the term "double life" when referring to her time spent with friends at work, etc.

    I have NEVER in my life heard that term used by an active JW. In fact, I've only ever heard that term used on these EX-JW forums. I find it amazing, that such terminology would not only find it's way back to JW's, but actually IN a JW broadcast. Talk about having an effect! I wonder, who's going to slip up on the stage or in a video, and use the term "Borg" for the first time? When it happens, you'll just KNOW that person is an Apostate or was an ex-JW that got sucked back in.

    The term "double life" is relatively frequent in JW literature. It even has its own entry in the publications index.

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