JW Broadcasting—November 2015

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  • bohm

    NewYork44M: Who can blame him with all that spiritual food lol

    Another thing, anyone else noticed how they say: "The governing body has decided..." and not "we have decided.."? Like aren't they they supposed to be the governing body?

  • WingCommander

    At 33:53, the woman uses the term "double life" when referring to her time spent with friends at work, etc.

    I have NEVER in my life heard that term used by an active JW. In fact, I've only ever heard that term used on these EX-JW forums. I find it amazing, that such terminology would not only find it's way back to JW's, but actually IN a JW broadcast. Talk about having an effect! I wonder, who's going to slip up on the stage or in a video, and use the term "Borg" for the first time? When it happens, you'll just KNOW that person is an Apostate or was an ex-JW that got sucked back in.

  • punkofnice
    Wingy - I already know of an active JW that calls himself a 'dub'.
  • bohm
    The thing that stood out to me was the made-up story with the asian women who tried to encourage the other person (at least I am pretty sure it was made up, it was not introduced like she was a real women). She said the other person said some strange things (can't remember the exact words) and I am sure it was referring to things she had supposedly read on the internet critical of the org. The asian women then said she just ignored it.
  • littlerockguy


    The Watchtower used the term "double life" in the past. I remember back in the 80s there would be articles in The Watchtower warning youths to "Guard Against Living A Double Life".



    The GB are taking a step back, eh?? This fits in nicely with their upcoming Watchtard article concerning the R&F worshipping anointed ones.

    Evidently, the spotlight makes the humble GB feel uncomfortable. They would rather be devoting themselves to prayer and ignoring everything that isn't their department..

    Get ready! The stage is set! Which GB helpers will the sheeple like the most and rave about over the next year? The new GB candidates are running for office!


  • punkofnice
    Lazy lard-asses leave location!
  • dubstepped
    Ah Sister Yuen, what a fine example of martyrdom and child abandonment. If this is the example I've heard before elsewhere, I'm pretty sure she was begged to stop preaching and was locked up over 20 years but it was many different instances, not just the one or two shown here. She simply refused to stop and let someone else go do the preaching. Instead she stubbornly kept going out and left her own family to keep being sent to prison. She didn't even try to hide her actions. Yet here she is praised as a fine example. Hmmm.....now that I think about it, maybe it was in Crisis of Conscience that she was mentioned? Regardless, she put Jehovah first in preaching to others, her own family be damned. Nice work! I'm sure nobody else could have done that work while she raised a family, only her.
  • ToesUp

    At 32:32 he states that Jah wants you to be found and we do too. Ok? Then why if my spouse and I are not DF'd or DA'd are we being shunned and avoided. I guess they just want us back so badly.

    It is sad that they have to use fear to try and retrieve the inactive ones. I have said it before and I will say it again, I would rather take a permanent dirt nap then spend eternity with these people. Sad but true!

  • freemindfade
    He speaks like he is talking to 3 year olds.

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