JW Broadcasting—November 2015

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  • ToesUp
    Come back, come back....we need your money!

    Are they still saying that inactive ones, "those not REPORTING service time", are going the same way as Satan's minions??

    If so, where is that in the Bible??


  • hardtobeme
    Does it cost less to have a "helper" hosting the program???
  • ToesUp
    I love how they portray the "weak/lonely" JW's at the end. When you leave Jehovah, your life goes to sh*t. I wish we could do a video showing Ex JW's after they left the cult. How some REALLY feel and how their life is REALLY going. Happy people with freedom! No more abuse from a destructive cult!
  • freemindfade

    ladies and gentleman... brother sanderson

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    GB Sanderson at 20.00 minutes into the broadcast says something to the effect: "Sadly 'some' of Jehovah's people have drifted away...become inactive...no longer attending meetings or going out in the ministry."

    The word 'some' is meant to convey the thought of a bit, a few or a little. The truth is that an abundant and otherwise large number of the JW rank and file are either no longer attending meetings entirely, or are missing a very high percentage of meetings. With a large number of no or low meeting attenders...it stands to reason that you have a very high percentage of JWs who are slacking off from going out in the ministry as well.

    Sanderson seems to downplay and whitewash the very serious problem WT is having within the organization of meeting attendance. It will only get worse!

  • steve2

    Out of my way: I've got important Governing Body stuff to do!

  • sparrowdown

    This little sheep ain't lost, she escaped her captors.

    There isn't any amount of bs broadcasting spin that will erase the pain of being in that hateful cult, nor make me want to go back for more.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Their terminology is very weird and unsettling: they use the word "reactivate" about those who are inactive, and near the end of the video, Sanderson says how wonderful it will be for those ones to become "re-activated" ....

    Their coverage of the Phillipines hurricane disaster, sorry, I mean their coverage of themselves looking for a positive spin on the Phillipines hurricane disaster, was shockingly discompassionate toward those people who had lost everything. I couldn't believe how much time they spent and how much they spoke about THEMSELVES and the trial they had putting all their coverage together and trying to keep a positive theme.

    You could see some of the brothers and sisters and even those poor children looking so shell shocked and trying to smile and put on a brave face to the heartless & inhumane camera operators.

  • wifibandit
    It was totally a behind the scenes at the Ministry Of Propaganda Truth!

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