New releases at annual meeting??

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  • Diogenesister

    Perhaps releasing the books at the AGM instead of the conventions ties the publications in, psychologically, with the FDS and " HQ " in the minds of the followers. The 144000 are becoming less and less important and the org wants to reinforce that spirituality springs forth only from Warwick and not from "self appointed anointed" riff raff.

    The New releases "sexes up" an otherwise dull AGM, I guess, too.

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping
    Anyway it's no big deal when the new junk is released!!!!

    Db, your missing the point. It IS a big deal, but only because its when they choose to release it.

    I cant buy the editing excuse. They have 50+ years of practice with this. They know how to edit and prepare books for rc release dates.

    And again the money thing dosent wash either. They already were not releasing hard copies at conventions. This is a weird weird move.

    Morpheus, you would make one hell of a prosecutor, I would hate to have you trying me for some crime. You just keep digging until all the shit comes out.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    daft this--but what is the RC ?--i cant fit a name to it

  • stillMS

    I'd vote for the 'money' reason for the change. Looks like they try to save every cent these days - and at the Regional conventions (RC) lots of hard copies goes to guests (mostly, for nothing), and to every JW present - while not every jdub will bother to order those hard copies via the cong. I'd guess for about 20%-40% saving of hard copies. Which adds up to a pretty decent number if taken worldwide - at least several if not dozens $$ millions (maybe, even enough for one of the child abuse trial expenses).

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    so --what constitutes a regional assembly ? what is a region--a country ?

    i never went to an assembly after about 1970. back then it was circuit and district assemblies--and international conventions every few years.

  • sir82

    They changed the name from "district convention" to "regional convention" maybe 4 or 5 years ago, around the same time they eliminated the position of "district overseer".

    Back on topic, yeah, the money angle seems to be the one that makes the most sense.

    At a convention, no matter how much you beg people to get the electronic version only, everyone will want a hard copy anyway, plus 2 or 3 more for Aunt Mary and Grandpa Joe who couldn't come. Just because the hardcopies are *right there* and all you have to do is grab one or 6.

    Releasing the books this way, the only way you can get a hardcopy is to walk up to the lit counter and order one. And then you have to wait until it arrives.

    So, for the US, instead of printing 2 or 3 million, you can probably get away with printing maybe a few hundred thousand. Between printing and delivery, that's probably a substantial savings.

    Collapse! The WTS is on its deathbed! (just filling in for SBF since I don't see him posting here yet).

  • steve2

    The organization changed the label "District Conventions" to "Regional Conventions". To all intents and purposes, they are the same, but ones an old name, the other, the new name.

  • JRK

    Times have changed. Printing costs them money now. They want to print as few books as they can get away with.


  • LoyalLeon

    It's not a money thing.

    They ended handing out hardcopys three years ago; just releasing the electronic book at the convention, with hardcopys to be ordered by the publishers later. This is how it was done with the revised Bible Stories book last year.

    It's more about releasing things at the same time to everybody.
    With Regional Conventions stretching from May to January plus the publications being available only from the first convention when you click properly or improperly.., the idea of new releases at the RC is outdated. So they practiced this thing already with the 2013 revision of the NWT, the revised Organized-book and the light version of the God's Love-book: release it at the AGM, make an announcement worldwide at the next LMM and everybody is in the know, as the publications are already online.
    In 2001 they announced the new TMS book to be released in 2002 and to be used in 2003... now they announce the revised brochure, immediately available, hardcopies to be ordered this month in order to be used in January. That move makes sense.

    Only thing I don't get is why the Ezekiel-book is available in English only as for years they made a tumtum that they release everything simultaneously in dizillions of languages..

  • Incognito

    Maybe the AGM release announcement is a trial balloon.

    Did the AGM attendees actually receive a new release or was a new publication only announced?

    Similar to Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google etc do for all new product announcements, WT could impliment an annual event to announce new publications and 'Nu Light', broadcast world wide at one time.

    As mentioned, RCs take place over numerous months, resulting in some JWs (and XJWs) obtaining info and publications well in advance of JWs in other areas. A worldwide announcement could reduce suspicion that information some possess in advance of others, was not issued by WT but was 'made-up' by 'Apostates' in particular.

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