New releases at annual meeting??

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  • _Morpheus

    This has been mentioned in passing but it seems to deserve its own thread.

    this year at the RC, no releases. Instead they wait to drop them at the annual meeting which isnt a even simulcast event. What is their thinking? The main draw for the district/reginal convention was the new releases. If they are now making a habbit of dropping new releases at the annual meeting, whats the end game? Why devalue the rc but yet not highlight the annual meeting? We have long decried the gb as clueless but i refuse to believe they they are stumbling around. There has to be some reason behind this but escapes me...

  • freddo

    I wonder if that by releasing hard copy books at the annual meeting there will be less take up than at a regional convention release.

    Financially this is good because I guess that the money donated to cover a regional convention release of "real" literature won't cover the cost of printing and shipping let alone make a profit for the borg.

    But "electronic" releases can come out at the conventions with little cost to the borg compared with paper, board and ink.

  • _Morpheus

    But the annual meeting wasnt a world wide event so, in effect, they had only to give out 2-3000 hard copies. If that was the consideration why not do what they have done in the recent past and simply release it digitally at the rc’s and then let congregations order hard copies later? Am i over thinking the change in tactics?

  • freddo

    Good point, Morpheus! If you're overthinking tactics I simply didn't think enough.

  • Finkelstein

    Jah is going digital and he's doing so to save money, money he needs to sustain his earthly (Digital) publishing house and to renovate many of his held building and land assets.

    His financial adviser seems to be on top of things.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    just maybe Slim is right after all.

  • _Morpheus

    I dont want to beat a dead horse and especially if im making a moutain out of a mole hill (lots of meaphors), but this kind of a big deal and money has nothing to do with it... whats the play for them here?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    There were new videos to show at the RC but there may not have been anything noteworthy on the program for the annual meeting so maybe they released the books there to jazz up an otherwise hum drum event. Also, the books might not have been produced in time for the RC so they held off releasing them until now.

    These books will join the decades and decades of books that were printed, released, sat on shelves and were eventually forgotten and the volunteers who produced them are long gone.

  • _Morpheus

    Pete, the reason i tend to doubt that is because this is what they do. They write and release every year at the same time for almost a 100 years. They didnt forget deadlines all of sudden. This a calculated move and i just cant see why. Maybe nobody rational can. Maybe they are a bag of cats

  • steve2

    Isn't there supposed to be a new book on Ezekiel?

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