Watchtower Releases 2017 Grand Total Figures!

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I would not trust any figures the WT publishes. They are lying sacks of shit. Anything they publish has an agenda. They are trying to show growth and not let on that there is a big exodus happening. Selling valuable properties, moving to the boonies, dissolving congregations, selling Kingdom Halls, robbing congregations of their accounts and tons of bad publicity over child molestation lawsuits.

    When have these guys ever been honest they only honestly print facts when it furthers their cause.

    By giving a basic over all figure for the work world wide makes it easier to fudge the figures as less people know they fudged them.

    Any growth they report I'm sure was inflated by the those who compiled it and suggestions from the GB.

  • scratchme1010

    Thank you for sharing the numbers. To me they don't mean much, but I know that the figures tell others important things about that organization.

  • floridaborn

    Even if or when they show a decrease they will spin it in their favor: “the love of the greater number now means less will be accepting the truth” “no growth means the time of the end is in the final milliseconds of the last seconds”. And people like my family will continue to eat it up

  • WTWizard

    As usual, more fake numbers that are about as real as the stock market indices. Propped up with lies.

    Peak publishers? You mean, those who are coerced to turning in a field circus report by their parents (that they are still living with in their 30s because they cannot afford to move out because of the restrictions on finding work)? Or those who are afraid of getting destroyed and are bullied into turning in one of those papers but who really hate field circus? Or those who just turn in fake time slips or who have fake time slips turned in on their behalf? Or those who are in it to ruin lives? Maybe they are interested in using this religion to help the globalists (who are using the LIE-ble to bind humanity into being enslaved).

    Average publishers? Such as those who cannot find work because of the restrictions placed on them by the jokehovians, and so have to live with their parents in their 30s and beyond and have to turn in field circus every month. If these numbers are even close to reality--and I mean those who are doing it sincerely--, we are close to being enslaved by the globalists.

  • Drearyweather

    I am unable to understand the comparisons people make with these numbers (someone can explain it to me clearly):

    1. Some people compare the growth of the world population (say 1.12%) with the growth in peak publishers (1.4%). However, not all kids born to JW's are counted automatically in the peak publishers as they would need some more years to become an unbaptized publisher. Similarly, not all JW kids become publishers or get baptized. So, many JW kids may never be counted in the JW stats. Am I wrong somewhere?

    2. Some people count the number of hours spent to the number of people baptized. (say 7000 hrs for 1 baptism). I wonder if such calculation mean anything. Many of the 284,000 baptized in 2017 many have been studied with in the previous service years (Not all who are preached or studied get baptized in that particular year). While the people who were preached in 2017 will probably get baptized in the next or its next service year). Plus, those of the people preached in 2017 will get counted in the peak publisher count too as unbaptized publishers. I hope I am not confusing. The number of people baptized may not have a direct relation to the number of hours spent in that service year.

    3. Plus another factor is considering that JW membership requires that a certain number of hours are spent on a person before he gets baptized. A person who is preached doesn't get baptized the next day or the next week. A publisher has to spend few months to get his student become an unbaptized publisher and then a few months to get him baptized. Same for kids. So how would this factor into the calculations? How does this compare with becoming a member of another religion. How easy its to get 284,000 people baptized into the JW religion and to get the same number baptized into some other Christian sect?

  • freddo

    Drearyweather ...

    It just shows a trend or a direction year on year. Just taking kids becoming publishers and then baptised. Imagine a funnel like you might use to pour oil into your car engine.

    At the top are all the kids who have a parent as a jw. When they reach an age between 6 and 14 (eg.) some will become publishers. When some of those reach an age between 12 and 18 (eg) they will get baptised.

    So the more publishers you stuff in at the top then the more baptised dribble out of the bottom. The higher the increase in the worldwide publisher number then the more likely that the baptism number will increase in the following years.

    Pressuring to lower the age of the kids getting baptised also gives an increase. But then it cannot improve much further. You might bring the average down from say age 15 to age 13 but any younger and it gets more and more difficult to justify and people resist. Especially in western lands.

  • notsurewheretogo

    So those that partake, that are anointed by Jehoovers Holy Shite went UP by 500 people in 2017 alone!

    18,564 in 2017 and 18,013 in 2016.


  • alanv

    If as we suspect they are not going to give the report from the individual countries, we really need to ask individual JWs why they think that is. For years the rank and file have looked forward to seeing how their own country is doing, and now they have no idea. Even if the fast facts section is updated with the 2017 figures, they present the figures in a way that hides the important stats.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I don't trust the Watchtower numbers at all. "Publishers" can count both baptized and unbaptized. They can also count children who accompany their parents as they go door to door.

    In recent years, anyone who spent as little as a half dozen hours in a year engaged in any JW activities would be counted as "publishers" as long as they turned in at least on time report.

    Times have changed since my days as a JW kid publisher aged 10 to 16. One of my parents or a fellow JW would go down one side of a street and I would do the other by myself. I would engage the resident of any house where the door opened. I would often go inside and sit on the couch and preach to adults (lucky me - never molested). We just didn't think about it - we just did it. And our hours were true hours - from the time we knocked on our first door until we got in the car to leave the territory. When we stood on street corners with magazines, we were expected to walk up to as many people as we could and engage them, offering them the latest magazines and also engaging them in conversation if they stopped and wanted to chat.

    Today's Watchtower and most JWs are sadly very poor salesmen for the religion. The magazines and booklets are laughable and so juvenile. If someone challenged us while we were working a street corner, we'd offer to engage them in a sincere and active conversation. The keepers of the magazine stands now prefer not to talk to you if they can avoid it - and going into a deep conversation or any kind of theological argument is unheard of today. I truly believe that 99% of their growth is due to new children born into the organization and a few old timers who left and then returned because they simply had to do so for financial, health or relationship reasons.


  • alanv

    I think you can trust the figures they have published. After all most are very bad. Like the 2 billion hours spent preaching. How anyone can say they are preaching when they sit playing with their phones next to a cart certainly beats me. The point about the report, is it is a snapshot of what has changed since last year. Most figures are worse, and show how the religion is slowly dying. It is no coincidence they have not shown the individual countries figures. Those figures are so bad especially in the developed world that witnesses would be discouraged rather than encouraged if they saw them.

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