Watchtower Releases 2017 Grand Total Figures!

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    wow--numbers dont lie--the worlds fastest growing religion.. jehovah must be really excited.

  • steve2

    Another observation from itself:

    Those of us who recently 'predicted' that the JW Worldwide Service report would be presented in abridged form were right:

    Visit the report on entitled "Jehovah's Witnesses around the world": Provided are links to each of the countries where JWs openly do their work (does not include banned countries). You get a only few "fast facts" for each country - missing is data on baptisms, pioneers, number of congregations, Bible Studies or memorial attendances for each country.

    Moreover, puzzlingly, the "fast facts" presented for individual countries are not for 2017 but 2016.

    Click on New Zealand for example and you will get the peak publishers for 2016 and the number of congregations for 2016.

    Kind of strange that they present the worldwide "fast facts" for 2017, but present for the individual countries, "fast facts" for 2016.

  • steve2

    Oh, and a drop of over 43,000 Bible Studies over the 2017 Service Year compared with the 2016 Service Year. So much for the cart work generating sustained - or any - interest.

    Yet more regular pioneers.

    Not hard to guess that the "major" work nowadays is manning literature carts.

  • redpilltwice
    Partakers are up again...but not to the degree in the last couple years.

    Yes Londo111, but let the reader use discernment!

    I truly expect some thrilling return to old light new light that Russell may have been right anyway...


    The overlapping generation will allow enough time for this trend to unfold...

  • oppostate


    Londo111an hour agoan hour ago
    Partakers are up again...but not to the degree in the last couple years

    There are some who were partakers that have either been disfellowshipped for apostasy or disassociated in the last year, all of them males, in central Massachusetts. Times the same happening in a lot of other circuits and you have quite a concerted effort to bring the totals down, but still the number increases year after year.

  • slimboyfat

    The congregation number is interesting with a tiny 0.5% increase, not keeping up with the other growth figures. I guess it means a lot of closures in western countries, offset by growth in Africa, Brazil and a few other places. It's also probably the smallest ever increase in congregations (with possible exception following 1975, but maybe not even then).

  • nowwhat?

    Well give the devil his due. They didn't cover up the miniscule increase.

  • waton
    Partakers are up again...but not to the degree in the last couple years

    If the F&D Slave can be in the last days only, then the 144 000 can be in the last days, the " Lord's Day " since 1914 inclusively too, and overlapping to boot. wt has until 2075 to reach that partaker number. minus departed "anointed" of course.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The number of congregations are up but I wonder what the number of Kingdom Halls were? They are still showing growth despite the reports of many leaving.

  • steve2

    Without a country-by-country breakdown of the annual report it will become harder to know the "size" of the rate of either increase or decrease in those countries.

    It is all very well knowing the number of congregations worldwide is up - but that needs to take into account that some countries may well be experiencing an increase in the number of congregations but others a decrease.

    Sure, they do have a country-by-country link that tells us the number of publishers and congregations - but those numbers are from the 2016 Service Year - and missing are the number of pioneers, baptisms, Bible Studies and attendees at the memorial for individual countries.

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