Do You Support Trump Being Impeached Again?

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  • minimus

    It looks like it can happen again and I suspect if it does happen, the Senate will not convict either because they can’t convict him since it’s after his presidency or simply because they don’t have sufficient votes.

  • Davros

    Hillary said it best.... "What difference at this point does it make?"

  • DesirousOfChange

    Bullshit politics.

    Every American should be pissed off by the "do nothing" Congress.

  • Davros

    They can waste time and money with this bullshit. All this for a week. Next week, Trump is out. He's done.

    You think these full of shit politicians would give this much of a shit and react this quickly for the American People.

    "Look. Let's impeach Trump!! This will get the stupid proles to forget about the $2000 stimulus payout they ain't getting!!"

    And it WORKED!!!

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    This is the party of peace and unity! Just inflaming the tensions, their ultimate goal is for another insurrection so they can ban the second amendment (which Michigan’s left-wing governor just did) and declare an eternal state of emergency and government control over the public places (which is what the DC mayor just requested)

    @Davros: that’s right, someone just told me “you’ll be getting that 1200 check soon, the Georgia Democrats ran on that platform” ... I laughed, the election is over, you won’t be getting anything for another 2 years.

  • millie210

    I thought it was just being done as a political move to insure Trump can't run again in four years? That is one of the provisos attached to being impeached - you cant hold federal office.

    Is that correct?

    So all the time and TAXPAYER money being used for this impeachment to give the Democrats what they perceive as an advantage in the next election?

  • WTWizard

    It is a complete waste of MY tax dollars. Trump will be out soon enough (all too soon, if you hate communism as Biden and Komodo Dragon Harris are going to bring). And by the time this goes anywhere, January 20 will be here and gone. Besides, what is the article of impeachment? Since when can one be impeached, even if he had another 4 years (or even 40), for a group of people violently protesting the electoral? Last I knew, it was not Trump but those breaking in that committed the crime--why is Trump accountable for that?

    By that standard, Biden should be impeached and found guilty before even starting. And then, the minute Komodo Dragon does anything that is going to further the demise of the White Race and bring communism, that thing should be impeached on the spot and found guilty of high treason, upon finding these rules going against our Constitution and not to properly amend the Constitution.

    At least with Prohibition, they followed proper protocol and made a proper constitutional amendment (and had to waste time making another to cancel it later).

  • millie210

    You would think Pelosi would see this is going to overshadow the Inauguration or does she just not care?

    They have to know that Trump isnt going to run again in 4 years....if I can see that from here surely "the powers that be" can?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    No. Feeding frenzy is what we see. In 4 years as in times past there will be unknown figures come forward. Pravda will tell us why they are our choice.

  • Simon

    By any objective comparison, anything Trump said was milder, certainly no worse, than what many many other politicians have said, most of them on the left. They have actually called for violence and when the violence happened they claim no responsibility for it.

    Trump never called for violence. If you think he did, you have been played by the media and social media companies. They took down the videos of him calling for peaceful protest and then claimed he was calling for violence and then do the same for anyone who points it out.

    After their previous "fine people" hoax they have gone one further. Now they no longer take someone's words out of context in a carefully edited clip. Now they remove everything you said and claim you said something else entirely, and block / ban anyone who points out that it isn't true. The "dog that isn't barking" in this case is the lack of MSM playing any clips of Trump calling for violence. If he had, they would play it 24x7. They don't because it didn't happen.

    The government should be focusing their efforts on these media companies, but of course they won't - the incoming government see them as their benefactors.

    This is also an attempt to send a message to future opposition not to show up or else they will ruin their lives.

    Not a very healthy political atmosphere.

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