The Constant Mindchatter After You Leave

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  • pale.emperor

    Did they live long happy egg laying lives before they entered the stew pot?


  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    Humbled - what was the name of the thread that cofty started on the subject?

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    @Humbled, Maeve: I have read your PM to me BUT I CANNOT answer PM's.

    Please leave an email or even snail mail address where we can catch up.


    Sorry for being OT.

  • truthlover123

    It very sad..we watch what the nazis did to children -- any religion knows to get them young,, its the parents who are stupid--I was. Going to a regular church that does not load repetition but you still know right from wrong, doesn't seem so bad now.......My son has not had anything to do with it since he was 14 and is now 51 and he absolutely hates the organization but still has a belief in God ... the creation, etc. but anything else and he is ready to throw someone off the steps.. The family turned their back on him as he was not baptized-- he is so angry with them-they are JWs... those he called uncle, who worked for his father, gone but living in same area... I am torn, I don't know how to comfort him and he is alone with the exception of myself. He maintains he cannot have a regular relationship as "thoughts" creep back in again, the teachings he can't a looping tape..Personally those who I have called sister and close friends have their own issues so we are in a situation where it comes down to life is life - live it and know that death will eventually come and what is after that is anyones guess.

  • humbled

    Freedom Rocks:

    l refreshed that post a few hours ago.

    It is titled: The Pastor of My Old Church Tried to Re-Convert Me Yesterday

    Mind you, l don’t say the thread ever arrived at a conclusion. Cofty wrote a summary near the end of the post that indicates a sense of futility that the discussion did not resolve a challenge.

    Though cofty responded to comments day after day the marathon post refused to conclude. It simply exhausted.

    But what was wrong with that? I was glad l followed that conversation. It burned me. It wore me down. I left some things behind and held tight to other things. And something felt good about the little l held because it really was mine. It has been enough for me to go on with on my own.

  • humbled

    Pale, I am glad you’re laughing your ass off. It is a rough world. l try to keep that knowledge from the chickens. They never see the end coming.

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