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    @humbled - I love that you pointed out that every story has it's own flavor. Of course, it took me a bit to settle in as the role of the interviewer and to put out the current iteration, but even with a questionnaire to give to every person my goal is to let each person tell their story their way. The questionnaire is a loose outline to take us through life in a somewhat logical manner, but each person injects their own personality and way of storytelling. I give people as much time as needed to tell what they have to tell. I don't want them to be cookie cutter.

    I knew that quote from Thomas would catch people's attention if they checked it out. I remember reading through the book and thinking that some of it was so different, others so similar, to other Gospel books. That last verse though. Yikes.

  • dubstepped

    Oh, and I just thought I'd throw this out for those that might be interested. If you subscribe you'll get this little episode in the middle of the month. If anyone has input I'm happy to take it in. It's weird to ask for money (I never enjoyed it as a dub either and rarely did it at the doors), but I have good reason.

    So I think I'm going to drop a little bonus episode in the middle of this month asking for donations and outlining why specifically. I have a listener to my This JW Life podcast that has helped me with some SEO, and part of that was getting all of my episodes transcribed. Having written content is a huge part of SEO. For those unfamiliar, SEO is search engine optimization, a way of working with sites like Google to get your site indexed and found.

    This listener paid out of his own pocket to get my This JW Life podcast transcribed. He used a site like Trint.com which charges $15 per hour of audio, and it is done through a speech to text program. It isn't the most high quality transcription, in that it is a computer listening and it won't get every word accurate, but it's far cheaper than true transcription and has the same effect of getting lots of written content on the site. Still, he must have spent hundreds to get my story transcribed.

    If I could get these episodes of "shunned" transcribed, especially with some of the diversity that I hope to get in the interviews, I think I could build a site that will rank well. Why does that matter?

    If it ranks well more people will find it and listen. For example, with the work that my listener and new friend has done on This JW Life I'm getting more traffic in the search engines and it shows. Suddenly I'm getting many more spam comments on the site to moderate (yay me), but I'm also getting a rash of emails from real people that are starting to listen and are getting help through it and reaching out.

    I actually had a spike in May due to some of the work he's done for a podcast that I no longer even produce. This JW Life is going to hit 20,000 downloads this month.

    I pay out of my own pocket for everything with "shunned". I added it up and it looks like it would cost about $330 (rough and dirty math) to get the current episodes transcribed. Then it will cost around $30-60/month for future episodes (assuming 2-4 hours).

    I've also paid for a course on SEO so that I can know what I'm doing and do some of my own for the "shunned" podcast and I've been taking that for weeks now.

    So with some financial backing (wouldn't take much, if I have let's say 1,000 downloads a month, if I could get like 60 people to do $1 per month on Patreon, or 30 at $2, or....or...or....) I can keep building content out that will help get the site ranked and competing for traffic online. That will get more of our stories heard, maybe even bring in other shunned groups. The more the merrier. Things seem to be picking up, probably somewhat even because people listen to This JW Life and then transition over to "shunned". It all works together.

    I'll be putting something together in the middle of the month. I know that people sometimes get freaked out if people seem to make money off of these things. I'm not seeking to make money, though I think it would be super cool to make a living doing something like this and helping people, but I can't afford as a house cleaner to be putting it all in on my dime every month.

  • Diogenesister

    Ahhh THATS who it is!! I saw its your first international interview and from Liverpool, somewhere ( not sure where) so I tried Google play and it said I must have a subscription to Google play music. My PC. has packed up as I used to use itunes. Any other ways of listening ?

    Congrats on the 10 000 downloads!!

  • dubstepped

    See my second post in this thread for other ways to listen. Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope that helps.

    Here's some info from a quick search on Google Play that might help:


  • humbled

    Islam disfellowships are fatal as l understand.

  • Diogenesister
    That will get more of our stories heard, maybe even bring in other shunned groups. The more the merrier.

    I've been listening to some Mormon cult shunning stories carrying on from something you posted on your "shunned" website. Horrific.

    And yes that Thomas quote!! It ties in with what Rutherford said about women changing into men in heaven!!

    I have a book of the Apocrapha and I've read some but to be honest it's so batty its hard to get through.I heard the 'Thomas' book and the 'Shephard of Hermes' were two very popular circulating before they decided in the 3rd century to choose some and stitch the bible together

  • dubstepped

    Yeah, I wasn't sure about that. I've heard that they're fatal in predominantly Muslim countries but wonder how they handle it in more developed countries (if that's the term). Can't go around killing dissenters in the USA, for instance, much to the chagrin of the WTBTS.

  • steve2

    Thanks dubstepped. Yes I am more familiar with youtube but will give podcasts a listen.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great work as always Mike! Thank you so much

    We would be more than happy to support your work via Patreon. Will set it up soon.

    I loved the way Mark (Pale Emp) was "outed" by his family member and harrassed by the elders when they said "does the name Pale Emperor mean anything to you?" It is so similar to my story!

    Speaking of which, I am Sooooo close to sharing my full story with you on your podcast if there is a chance...

  • Simon

    Just listening now ... even though he's a scouser ;)

    Re: the transcribing, Google now have a voice-to-text service as part of their Cloud Platform that may be worth looking at - they are exceedingly competitive when it comes to pricing and have excellent tech for image and voice recognition. Their pricing is $0.006 USD per 15 seconds so ~30 minutes would be about $0.75c going off my math.

    Also, for the funding, you might want to consider having some ads on your site to help pay the bills. Let me know if you need any help or advice on the SEO too - sometimes it's not the SEO per se that matters but making content shareable on Facebook / Twitter etc... so it appears with a nice image that can really help to drive traffic by increasing social sharing.

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