Our very own pale.emperor on the "shunned" podcast.......

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  • AudeSapere

    Marking for later.

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    I really enjoyed it! Thanks to both of you ☺️

  • dubstepped
    stuckinarut2 - Great work as always Mike! Thank you so much
    We would be more than happy to support your work via Patreon. Will set it up soon.
    I loved the way Mark (Pale Emp) was "outed" by his family member and harrassed by the elders when they said "does the name Pale Emperor mean anything to you?" It is so similar to my story!
    Speaking of which, I am Sooooo close to sharing my full story with you on your podcast if there is a chance...

    First, you're very welcome.

    Second, you're my first ever Patron! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! Every bit will count toward the transcribing of the episodes. I already pay for audio hosting, website hosting, and the equipment I got to get started. Finally got some rechargeable batteries as my recorder was going through them quick.

    Third, I remember being here on this forum when Mark got outed by his relative. I remember the posts about it. Ticked me off that she was going through his computer. JWs sure are a nosy bunch. My mom would comb through our rooms and later when we had computers (I was out of the house by then) she had key loggers and such to spy on what my brothers wrote online.

    Oh, and you know that if you want to tell your story I'll make it happen. :) I work everyone in as I can.

    Again, thanks for your support.

  • dubstepped
    Simon: Just listening now ... even though he's a scouser :wink:
    Re: the transcribing, Google now have a voice-to-text service as part of their Cloud Platform that may be worth looking at - they are exceedingly competitive when it comes to pricing and have excellent tech for image and voice recognition. Their pricing is $0.006 USD per 15 seconds so ~30 minutes would be about $0.75c going off my math.
    Also, for the funding, you might want to consider having some ads on your site to help pay the bills. Let me know if you need any help or advice on the SEO too - sometimes it's not the SEO per se that matters but making content shareable on Facebook / Twitter etc... so it appears with a nice image that can really help to drive traffic by increasing social sharing.

    I learned a new term.......scouser. Had to look that one up, lol.

    Thanks for the cool tip on the transcribing. In my research so far it looks like people are actually kind of doing a voice to google doc approach. I'm not sure if it will work, but I'm going to do some experimenting on what it will require. Generally the less I ask of my guests the better, so I'm not sure what they'd have to do on their end. In other words, I'd have to figure out if 1. Everyone can use Google Voice for calls and 2. If I can record the audio to a google doc while we record for both sides. I don't want to have to rely on the person on the other side getting theirs set up too. Anyway, there's lots of questions there, but it's one heck of a suggestion. I've read that you can and that you cannot take previously recorded audio and play it through speakers and have it transcribe. It's worth a shot, so I'll play around with it all.

    What kind of ads do you suggest? Are we talking Adsense or something like that? I'm not sure I get enough traffic for that to pay off, but if I get some content through transcription and do some basic SEO to get traffic up it might repay some of it with ads. Then again, I don't even know offhand what my traffic numbers look like. I have a plugin that should track it, but I haven't set up Google Analytics yet. I have a lot to do on the back end for some of that stuff. More to learn.

    My wife is my hero on social media. She handles a lot of the initial posting on Instagram and Twitter because I'm so busy between here and Facebook and reddit and fielding emails and trying to set up and record interviews and setting up the links and descriptions for each episode, plus keeping up the website and learning some basic SEO to try to help myself out. I do jump in and chat with people there and leave comments, but she gets things going to help out. Things are really picking up there.

    Thanks so much for offering to help and already doing so with the transcription suggestion. It's nice to get some input. It's tough to figure it all out on my own sometimes.

  • slimboyfat

    Is he famous? And where is he emperor of?

  • pale.emperor

    For those of you that listened and liked it, thank you. And thanks mike for interviewing me. It was kind of thereputic actually, and nice to not have to explain the JW terminology and loaded language as we all understand it already.

    I notice that I tend to go off topic a few times (sorry!). My brain must have been in overdrive that day.

  • Phoebe

    It was really great. I love pale's accent :)

  • Apostate Anonymous
    Apostate Anonymous
    Thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Thanks to both of you! Will definitely be listening to further podcasts. Pale, do you happen to have any of your stand-ups recorded? I too am a fan of the dry humor lol
  • pale.emperor

    Pale, do you happen to have any of your stand-ups recorded? I too am a fan of the dry humor lol

    No. But i intend to record the next ones i do (if i do any more that is). The first few i did i didnt tell anyone i was going to do it because it'd just make me more nervous them turning up.

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