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  • dubstepped

    Well, I offered in one of his threads to have him on the show and posters seemed excited at the possibility and we got it done so now you can hear from the man himself on the newest episode of "shunned". One of our very own stepped up to tell his story, well, aside from myself of course. It was great getting to actually speak with him.

    This is my first international interview for the podcast. Growing up poor in Liverpool, Mark and his family were Jehovah’s Witnesses. This interview is a great conversation about his life growing up, what he went through, and the really unique way that he was outed that shook up his life. We talk about beliefs and his studies of the books that were left out of the Bible as most know it. At the end there’s a pleasant surprise about someone in his family that some may know from his posts, but if you're not caught up you'll find out. Mark has a great attitude about everything that happened and he’s now trying to help others.

    You can subscribe at iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Play, or wherever you get podcasts. You can also stream live from shunnedpodcast.com/episodes/, and you can leave comments there as well for every guest.

    **Oh, and "shunned" just passed the 10,000 download mark, and I'm very excited about that!**

  • amicabl

    Thanks dubstepped, and someone to listen to from the city where I was born almost seventy years ago.

  • steve2

    Bit puzzled by the involved process of signing up - not as straight forward as YouTube. Will have to give it some thought.

  • dubstepped

    @steve2 - Yeah, if you're not a podcast person, it can seem daunting, but I'll give you an easy way and the more complicated way (that opens up a host of possibilities for you) below.

    The easy way to listen is to go here:


    Just click play on the player. That's just as easy as Youtube. That's a direct link to pale.emperor's episode.

    Like I said in the original post, you can go to http://shunnedpodcast.com/episodes/ and all of them are right there with a player. Again, just click play and listen to any of them.

    The more complicated way, but the way that people typically listen to podcast, is to get a podcast app. The biggies are Apple and Google, but I use Podbean, and my wife uses Podcast Republic (actually probably my favorite). You download the app, search for podcasts (in my case you'd search for shunned), and then click subscribe. Download the ones you want to listen to, and from then on any new ones will automatically download to your device.

    If you do this a whole new world will open up to you. Now, audio isn't for everyone, just like video on Youtube isn't. For me, I work and clean houses and can listen all day while I work. In fact, I'd go crazy if I didn't have something to listen to other than the noise in my head. I would never be able to consume content from Youtube, but I can download and listen to audio all day. There are podcasts on just about anything you can imagine.

    Let me know if you have any questions or problems with anything. I'm happy to help.

  • scratchme1010

    Great! looking forward to listening to it.

  • Listener

    Well done on 10,000 downloads dubstepped. It sounds like your audience are not just ex JWs/JWs, so it's great that you're able to reach to general public.

  • _Morpheus

    Sweet! I will have to download and listen

  • humbled

    Every story has its own flavor. Mark has a certain grounding that makes his account come through as a fair report. He speaks without self-defensive bias or bitter judgement on others. His gentle acceptance of normal human behavior is the more damning of a religion that molds the young into hypocrites yet shuns the honest ones, It was hilarious that he researched into Catholic encyclopedias!

    As a side note: the quote from the Gospel of Thomas reveals that such a view of the spiritual value of the women reflects the origins of the deep misogyny that was a foundation of those times and throughout Christianity. When I first read the gospel of Thomas I was actually touched that Jesus stuck up for Mary. It is a sad state of affairs that his defense would have to devalue Mary’s womanhood by playing into the narrative that making her a ‘man’ would make her worthy of spiritual reward.

    Btw, thank you Mark for your kind words for women! All the best. I very much appreciate your story.

    I love your interviews, Dubstepped.


    Awesome will have a listen tonight, thanks !!

  • dubstepped

    @Listener - My goal is to bring in the stories of other people that are shunned as well. I have one interview with a former Mennonite and one with a former FLDS member. I'd like to branch out to some more as well, but I always want the core to be our ex-JW community. I want to show that we aren't alone in feeling the effects of shunning, and to show that we really aren't such disparate groups of shunned people but rather one big group that has been cast aside by various groups. At the same time I want to get our stories told because we are likely among the largest section of those that are shunned. I mean, I can't think of any other religion (maybe Islam, don't they shun?), that has the size and practices shunning that JWs do. Our stories aren't often told, and they need to be.

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