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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Edit, nevermind.

  • thankyou


    "I still texted her a few days ago to say "Merry Christmas".

    Good for you WireRider!

  • thankyou

    Miss Worldly,

    Sorry for your "roller coaster ride".

    Hope for the best!

    Thanks for the "heads up".

  • KateWild

    You obviously like this girl. You have to establish how important being a JW is to her. If she wants to leave you might have a very nice future.

    Kate xx

  • DJS

    Dear Mr. Koresh, I mean thank you,

    You want an opinion? You had me at hello. You lost me when you said this: "In my soul I feel a spiritual obligation. I don't need her love or her warm body. I need to help her. I have unlimited girl friends. It can't be explained with just words here."

    Yes it can. You are an egocentric narcissist with a god/messiah complex, and you don't understand the difference between 'want' and 'need' nor whose soul you are trying to fill.

  • thankyou


    "You lost me...."

    Sounds like you are lost in a very dark place.

  • DJS


    I'm the luckiest, most blessed and happiest person on this site. An ad hominem attack will get you nowhere.

    You asked for opinions. I provided an opinion and quantified it by replicating your statement. That's how this process works. Please re-read your statement I copied. If you didn't mean that, then please explain. Otherwise, I can read that statement a thousand times and come to no other conclusion.

  • Landy

    From memory most JW girls were pretty game so you should be ok.

    But if she hasn't put out after the third date call it quits :)

    (Before I get jumped on my tongue is firmly in my cheek)

  • thankyou


    Thank you Kate.

    Yes, I'm intending to do what you suggest.

    You know how over years n decades we develop a close loving relationship with our parents, brothers and sisters, spouse, children, a close friend or two.

    Well, this girl and I instantly mutually became aware of this same "bond" within seconds of first meeting. It's really something to experience.

    Unfortunately, I knew nothing about JWs, eventually handling things improperly, causing her to "freak out" because of her JW mental-emotional "conditioning".

    We care deeply for each other, BUT she's awol, tormented, trying to reconcile this with her JW beliefs.

    Better late than never, I've been on this site trying to learn about JW. It's not just JWs that have mental emotional scars, anyone who is alive experiences that.

    Most, but not all, of the folks here are loving, empathetic, and sincere.

    Being an outgoing guy I've probably spoken to at least 50 people in my city trying to get their opinion. To be honest, it's been 100% pleasant compared to the venom that can pop up around here.

    She happens to be a cute black girl, so I've had a tendency to speak to black folks. Half of the guys basically said "don't give up". The other half said "she's not worth it, find someone else".

    All the gals have said something like "give her time, give her space, she knows you love her, just let her know you are there for her".

    Every single one of these persons has given me all the time I need to discuss this. And, they understand it all. And they know about JW.

    As "trying" as this is for me, it's got to be 1,000x more difficult for her.

    Kate: thank you for being "normal" and "optimistic". It's appreciated. God Bless you!

  • thankyou


    "....I can read this statement a thousand times and come to no other conclusion"

    I know. And, THAT is the problem.

    God Bless You.

    I've got nothing more to say to you.

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