After watching A&E Leah Remini on Jehovah Witnesses I am going to stop hiding behind my Avatar

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Just got done watching this program and what impress me the most was the bravery of those x-witnesses to sit there on national tv and tell everyone how the wt. CULT affected them. No hidden faces, no avatar names and no disguise. Just them. That's what I call being courageous despite being shunn.

    So with that in mind my wife and I will no longer hide behind our avatars. At the time they did serve a purpose in protecting our identies but now they are unnecessary. We would like to introduce ourselves as David and Barbara Winner. We are now free from the fear and control of the wt. CULT. So hello everyone. I hope this program was enlightening to you as it was for us. Still Totally ADD aka David Winner

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  • caves

    Contemplating adding a picture of myself to the "picture thread".

    Im waiting until just a wee bit of the surreal-ness it gave me wears off to see where I stand on that. Thinking it may be time.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Someone not long ago speculated that there are as many exJWs, inactive JWs, faded JWs & PIMO JWs combined as there are active JWs. I can't say that I thing is for certain...the number of JWs out or on the fence has got to be high...into the millions. The last thing WT headquarters needs is for anti JW individuals like Mr. & Mrs. Still Totally Add (aka David and Barbara Winner) to become fearless and announce to the world how proud and happy they are to be free of the hold of this cult. Y'all may have just started a new trend of couples exiting together...congrats!👍

  • redvip2000

    To be fair, the folks on the show already lost whatever they had to lose, so there was really no need to hide.

    Nevertheless, agree that they showed tremendous courage, and they really came across as being rational and not really bitter. There were times where I must say i was fighting a little tear in my eye, because some of their stories are awful, pretty much as bad as it gets in the JW world.

    Really important for this type of content to be made in such a humanizing and rational way, because it can strike a cord with active JWs.

  • menrov

    I strongly believe that the more ex-JW's just show who they are and that they are very capable of running a happy life once they have removed the WT burden from their head and thinking. The WT writers already hide themselves. Let's not do the same. On FB is use my real name. I do not mind to use my name here if I can change my profile.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Thank you for all your comments. This Saturday at 6pm we are going to have 3 of our closest friends over to watch the A&E program so they can better understand where we came from and all we had to go through to get where we are now. We told them you will be shocked, mad and crying over what they will see. I am hoping to have several more couples over to see this down the road. The more that know the more they will see the wt. Is truly a Cult. Still Totally ADD aka David

  • Vanderhoven7

    They may still control family members David, but they no longer control you and your wife. Congratulations!!

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert


    Bill Covert

  • Biahi

    Nice to meet you, David and Barbara!

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