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  • no-zombie

    Imagine the conversation between Mr. Worldlyperson and Ms. Worldlyperson, after she met a couple of Witnesses in the park.

    "Hi Honey, back from the park."

    "How was your walk."

    "Great, I met a couple of nice girls down there and had a chat."

    "What did you talk about?"

    "Oh not much, the weather, the flowers ... that kind of stuff."

    "Who were they?"

    "Don't know"

    "Anyway, glad you had a good time"

    Yep ... that how its going to go.

    We've gone down from a 5 scripture 10 minute talk, to a 3 scripture 5 minute chat, then a 1 minute video, to now a 15 second happy smile.

    How is this going to teach anyone anything? Its not going too,of course.

  • Phizzy

    I always suspected in my latter years of being in, that even the D to D work as it was then was mainly just to keep J.W's busy, and feeling they actually were preaching, and maybe teaching.

    Now that is ALL it is, something to keep J.W's a bit busy, to feel they are "doing their bit", in a way that is simply not at all onerous for them, most hated D to D, they can get away with doing none now.

    Converts from the public are now totally a thing of the past, unless a J.W comes across the rare Gullible Fool !

  • Diogenesister
    The whizzThe one time Tony the Turd did anything right, they booted him--for resisting mandatory coronavirus shots for the whole congregation.

    I wasn't aware of that! Good on him! That's because he's a trained paramedic and the idea of forcing medical treatment on patients is anathema to his everything he was taught.

    When I was a young, a mandated vaccine would have prompted a mass walk out by medical staff imo, on principal. It goes against the basic tenets of the medical, nursing & all ancillary professions. Toni is right.👍🏻

  • Diogenesister
    Great, I met a couple of nice girls down there and had a chat."
    "What did you talk about?"
    "Oh not much, the weather, the flowers ... that kind of stuff."

    No Zombie that's what they do in China. Because it's a banned organisation, they pretend to make friends with their "target" first. It's quite cruel really. They spend sometimes years forming a solid relationship before starting to bring up religion. They start with regular Christian beliefs - bible stories, that kind of thing, before going in for 'the kill' when they know they can trust them not to spill the beans to the authorities and/or think they're ripe for conversion*.

    Imagine if the 'mark' doesn't want to convert? They then get dropped by their JW 'best friend' on watchtower orders.😞

    More broken hearts keft by the Watchtower.

    They've left a trail of them all over the world ...😡

    *Check out Amber Socorah's excellent book.

  • jhine

    The new direction is just to talk to people and listen to what they want to talk about.

    How long would that last if the person wanted to talk about all things wrong with the Org l wonder

    Jan from Tam

  • TonusOH

    Jan, that conversation would end quickly. We were taught to avoid anything that wasn't part of the sales pitch. To accept questions was to risk 'being stumbled' and led down a path that could end with being disfellowshipped. I recall preaching with an elder one time, and we approached this man to start a conversation. Well, he quickly turned it back on us by offering his own testimony, and the elder quickly said "that's fine! bye!" and we were heading the other way right quick!

    I remember that he mumbled under his breath that he did not need to hear the witness of demons. To him, the man's attempt to do the very same thing we were doing was demonic!

  • Mikejw

    So much has changed. Now no more reporting and hardly any door to door.

    At Saturday morning ministry groups it’s just a social event and planning where to meet up later for refreshments.

    Some do ‘letter writing’ which code for try to make it sound like I’m doing something when I’m not. Many say informal work in parks or walks by the water. This is just chatting to dog walkers or those others out for a stroll.

    The new methods are not necessarily mentioning Bible but just talk to people about what they want to talk about.

    I wonder if this new shake up was from the PR company they hired. Along with the new light that Billions will survive Armageddon and only the really bad ones will be killed or not get a resurrection. It’s very clever and have to admit it’s working.

    People look forward to Saturday new methods and the get togethers afterwards,

  • Phizzy

    " It’s very clever and I have to admit it’s working." True, and therefore it MUST have come from outside advisors they have Hired. The Holy Spirit was obviously too busy to guide them on this.

    I say it must have come from a "Worldly" Company, because the G.B. and all at the top just do not have the gumption or intelligence to come up with this on their own.

    It will help with Retention to a degree, but it will make being a J.W ONLY in name so very easy, and even those people eventually will say "sod it, why bother at all ?"

    The Org. is in a downward spiral, thankfully.

  • Mikejw

    I agree Phizzy. But if you are only just JW in name only (JWLITE) then you don’t necessarily say sod it and stop going for the social club aspects. You can still go occasionally if you want or go long times having nothing to do with em. This is the change, it used to be frowned upon but not anymore 😀😀👍

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    If you "go long times having nothing to do with em" you will be considered inactive and will be soft-shunned.

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