Is going Broke?

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    They have to shift thei entire business model from literature to that of real estate,,,,they have to.

    That's what we're seeing here.

  • enoughisenough

    I just watched another video put up by Warrick Pimo that if the elders can get more money from the publishers to let them know so they can do other projects...( something like that with watching it again )

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    For the new donation arrangement, here in the UK it is £5.40/pub/month.
    So for 139,000 publishers that's over £9 million/year. Extrapolate that world wide.

    Hey St. George...that's about $750,000.00 in U.S dollars monthly that WT UK is hoping for in monthly donations. WT in the UK has $750,000.00 (or £750.000.00 roughly) in monthly they're breaking even in the UK...maybe! 🤣

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    What the hell...the US dollar & the UK Euro are very close in value...Why are US JW rank & file being hit with $10.75 per publisher & UK JWs only £5.40?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    .Why are US JW rank & file being hit with $10.75 per publisher & UK JWs only £5.40?

    maybe the UK dubs have more sense...maybe.

  • Journeyman
    the US dollar & the UK Euro are very close in value

    The UK does not use the Euro, thank you very much! The UK uses the Pound (sterling), usually represented on markets by GBP

    According to Google just now, the exact exchange rate is:
    1 USD equals 0.79 GBP
    1 USD to 0.92 EUR

    On exchange it says $10.75 = £8.45 today, so yes, right now each US publisher is paying more for their 'membership' on a strictly 1:1 basis. I don't know why, and I don't know when that UK value (£5.40) was set originally.

    It also means that in theory, publishers living in EU countries should be expected to donate €9.89 per head for parity ($10.75 x 0.92) but that would depend on the relative strength of each nation's economy in the Eurozone (and also in the UK, for the British Pound). I suspect it's lower.

    Things like GDP per capita and average & median incomes vary, so the relative value of 1 unit (EUR, GBP or USD) is not the same in each country.

    This page illustrates what difference it can make to spending power in each country

    Other people on here who are accounting and finance experts would be better able to crunch the numbers and work out whether the rate of $10.75 in the US and £5.40 in the UK has some kind of parity - my maths isn't up to it, I'm afraid!

  • LongHairGal


    I am not surprised they would resort to a ‘membership’ fee..for those who could still stand being a member.


    I also hated that expression ‘Friends’ 🙄.

    These Witness phonies were certainly No friends of mine. I couldn’t wait to get away from them!

  • LV101

    What are the odds the JWs will 'contribute' although doubt they'd want to feel ostracized in the big bro community. Might be difficult for some w/limited means but after watching SIXSCREENS' protest (Rick Fearon refers to the protests as rallies or something else) and viewing the nice autos many can pony up. Smart strategy, WT!

    Longy - it's quite an eye opener for sure and we could write a book. I didn't have time to be 'included' but never missed an invite if a gift was involved -- more than happy to send gift and committed w/my own schedule. I could hardly keep up with 'our' normal social life and fine being an outsider. I don't think they like charities and red carpet events 🤣 and 'those' people!

  • joe134cd

    Compared to other religions. What that Wt is asking for is very modest. It’s about the cost of a coffee and biscuit at the coffee shop, in this country. $100 million a month may be quite modest to their outward expenses. Are they making absorbent sums of money at the cost of their members. I’d suggest they could be going broke. Also remember that, many developing countries are not financially self sufficient, and would be a cost to Wt.

  • blondie

    I have mentioned in the past, that the WTS has a lot of their net/gross worth in property,etc. Now cash, especially available cash, not so much. Cash flowing is a necessary thing, using property as collateral is an iffy situation when applying for loans (yes the WTS takes out loans from non-jw sources). I am not an investment expert, but..the WTS does invest their money, and so far, the revenue from those investments have been up and down and down drastically in some periods, making breaking even a plus for them. (remember 2008) I do believe that many jws are not leaving but they are voting with their wallets, not donating to the WT organization, so far donations can be anonymous (that is eroding now too). Many jws income has gone down too, and big donations from "wealthy" jws. I feel that if on an average that number of jws gave $10 a month, what would that be. More than big donations from a few. Yes, the WTS is cutting back on services, making the congregations pick up the slack. In this area, the regional conventions were all scheduled at the assembly hall. Yes, the rent goes directly into the WTS pockets. I'm sure others on here know of other saving procedures the WTS has been taking.

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