Do You Think People Have Forgotten About 9/11?

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  • LV101

    I don't think anyone has forgotten about Afghanistan and the aftermath - one of the reasons Boltin was outed.

  • rickroll

    Only the liberals who think America had brought it upon themselves. You know the Squad some people did some things crap.

  • Simon

    I think people should stop and remember and make sure that they don't sleepwalk into giving up what the Islamic terrorists murdered thousands to take - our freedoms, including freedom to say that Islam is a cess pit of a religion and is incompatible with western values and human rights.

    This is a very moving thread about the dogs of 9/11 and what they did for people that day and after:

  • minimus

    Great find, Simon on these dogs doing their jobs and how it affected them!

  • greenhornet

    I remember when the towers went down, there where thousands of people crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and went to the Bethel building for help and shelter. So what did watchtower do? They locked the doors on them! Then later they handed out water to everyone. The churches in the area were very busy helping with food and shelter for the first responders and victims.

  • RubaDub

    Yes ... people are forgetting about 9/11, especially those not affected.

    It's been about 25 years since someone born back then could really remember it in any reasonable way (think 18 years ago plus the child was 7 at the time). Unless people are directly affected, they forget things over time.

    Think of the Vietnam War, Korean War, WWII, etc. As time passes, things are forgotten or at least delegated to a part of our psyche that finds little relevance of the event(s) in our everyday lives.

    Rub a Dub

  • RubaDub

    I don't think anyone has forgotten about Afghanistan and the aftermath - one of the reasons Boltin was outed

    LV101 ...

    Not to totally disagree with you, but if you randomly stopped people on any street in the US and asked what the longest-running war for the US has ever been ... well ... if 1 out of 10 mentioned Afghanistan I would be surprised.

    But it would probably double the percentage of people who know who the Vice President of the US is ... "maybe" 2 out of 10 would know. Sadly, this is not a joke.

    Rub a Dub

  • blondie

    Even President Trump made a slip and called the date 7-11 not 9-11.

    It has been 18 years since that happened. I wonder how many people have been born since 9-11-2001? How many were even old enough then to understand it, live through it.

    I remember where I was on that date, far from home, not being able to sleep, I turned on the news and saw the news and woke up my husband. We stayed up until the last tower fell, packed up and drove to the nearest military installation (I have contacts). Then we stayed there until things started calming down. Commercial airlines/airports were shut down and many people were stranded and the phones were flooded. We had a van, so we found people that were heading in our direction, piled them in with their belongings, women and children. And drove 2,000 miles dropping people off as we went. Now I will never forget that. I knew how bad it was as soon as I saw the planes and the first strike. I grew up around jets and know what a fully fueled jet crash looks like.

    I will never understand what people went through when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor; but the relatives back a generation did and shared their experiences and feelings. If your experience with an event is just through books, news, etc., long after the fact, it will never be the same as talking to various people from many walks of life or living it yourself.

  • LV101

    I have neighbors from NY whose son was a firefighter in 9-11-- his mental/physical health ravaged along with thousands more -- as well as the neighbors (parents) knowing he was in the throes of it. We received an early call that AM from NYC and flipped news on -- watched the 2nd tower horror - indelible in the brains of Americans. Unimaginable! Wars - beyond our comprehension what our family members endured in WW ll. My mother's 4 brothers were all enlisted -- before the family law re/every male under obligation to serve - leaving behind a widowed mother (some of the children very youngt at time of father's death - hard times) that was dependent on their support no less plus her married daughters (2) had husband's drafted. At least 2-3 of the men in the South Pacific - 6 of them all serving.

  • peacefulpete

    My Bethel window looked right at the twin towers, it was an awesome sight actually. It was a slug in the gut when I saw the news footage the first time. This act, Immoral by any standard, illustrates how hate is blinding.

    I was newly out of the JWs and it was both the saddest thing I'd felt and then for a moment heartwarming as Americans were united by the tragedy, even European allies seemed closer with their kind words of sympathy.

    Let's not squander the moment of united reflection with divisive politics.

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