Do You Think People Have Forgotten About 9/11?

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  • Xanthippe

    My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones that day. I know all too well what it means to lose a partner suddenly and without warning. The public outpouring of grief and support may have helped at the time but I do wonder what it's like now that many years have passed. Surely they don't want reminding of that pain every year.

    I think it may be all very well for onlookers who want to have a sentimental wallow but for those who were actually involved, who lost loved ones and colleagues, it may be making it hard for them to move on.

  • minimus

    May we never forget the reason this all happened. Some suggest it was America’s fault and side in with the terrorists and actually sympathize with them!

  • Xanthippe

    That's not likely to happen Minimus, terrorism hasn't gone away. We don't need special days to remind us do we? It's the reason I and many others are loathe to visit Muslim countries. It has affected all out lives, the whole world is aware of the danger.

  • LauraV

    If you get feeling people aren't remembering today then you don't live in New York CIty, Right now on TV here, every year they do the reading of the names and at night they have the beams of light.

    I think that this is getting to the point of being too much every year the people working themselves up to tears while reading the names, you never forget the people you love no matter how they died. I wonder if all these folks that are reading the names of those lost also go to the cemetary and visit grandma and grandpa, Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill, etc, probably not.

  • truthlover123

    There is an excellent doc on tonight regarding the Cancelled Air Flights that were in mid air when all travel was stopped in USA and they were diverted into The Canadian Maritime provinces and how the air traffic controllers brought in those planes -- over 8000 passengers into their homes and towns and supplied them with food, clothing, all needs taken care of - when Pres. Bush closed down all air traffic coming from everywhere - I Believe 224 planes landed in a matter of hours...everyone had beds and home to stay in called 9/11 Cleared for Chaos on Discovery channel tonight

  • DesirousOfChange

    I don't think it's forgotten any more than Pearl Harbor Day.

    Life goes on. Business continues. (This is Capitalism.) But any one of age then, will never forget.


  • Finkelstein

    Its a good reminder just how humanity can get f..ed up on religion and murder innocent people for the sanctification and glorification of a human made imaginary god.

    Sound familiar ie. YHWH

  • LongHairGal


    That was very good of you to express from the platform that people should not rejoice when thousands of people are killed by terrorists. What does this say about Witnesses?

    There was also a rumor circulated that some bethelites made callous remarks about Witnesses who were killed in the Trade Towers - along the lines: “that’s what they get for not being out in the ministry, etc.”

    I really DO hope that persons who may have said this about responsible people who have to work for a living (and whose contributions support ingrates at bethel) are among those kicked out of bethel over the last decade!

  • LV101

    I don't think we'll ever forget but there's so much drama/trauma daily in the US it's pushed in the background of our fears. So many assaults/rapes taking place especially sanctuary cities due to years of open borders. It's going to take President Trump to aid/remedy the homeless horror -- the liberal gov'ts. are too inept and only keep raising the taxes thus far providing nothing. Politicians on both sides are responsible for the illegal crime as well as laws not being followed.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Not sure about that, but they have forgotten about the reality of a 16 year old war in Afshitistan.

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