Which Things Did Your Overzealous Parents Ban?

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  • stuckinarut2

    Pale Emperor: I used to like Home & Away. I genuinely believed that there were no ugly people in Australia.

    That's actually spot on PE! We are all supermodels here in Australia!

  • moreconfusedthanever

    It is interesting that we have many of these extra rules in common. We were not to watch or read anything with witches or wizards in it. I read the Lord of the Rings and felt like such a rebel. Hahaha

    I remember once we had the CO for lunch and my brother put on Cliff Richard's song "Devil Woman" my mum went a very nice shade of red.

    My mother freaked out when I went and had my ears pierced a second time in my twenties. She was so unhappy about it that she spoke to the COs wife about it and the COs wife told her there was nothing wrong with it. Only then did she stop stressing about it.

    Any movies to do with Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens - anything that God has not created or is not of this world is demonic.

    No cartoons because they are too violent.

    If she caught you reading a novel you were told "if you have time to read, you should read the watchtower or do the vacuuming."

    Now we have in laws telling my kids that Batman is demonic.

    Certainly never read or watch anything with ghosts in it, including Caspar. No bewitched although somehow I did see some of the episodes.

    No play dates after school with friends, but it was okay if they came to us.

    No after school sports.

    No coloured nail polish or leg shaving and no makeup.

    I could go on.

  • faithnomore

    Had a struggling single mom so she didn't ban much. BUT I banned my children from:

    Watching any TV in the mornings before school.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - because you know ninja's -this included tv shows, clothing and toys

    No sports (playing) no watching boxing

    Going to "worldly friends" houses

    Smurfs cuz I grew up in the 80's

    I'm sure there is more. Sorry kids who are adults now:)

  • tiki

    Well...I was a kid in the 50's 60's and there weren't many of us back then so aside from birthday parties I did not experience much of the stuff afore mentioned....but....no aluminum pans...deadly stuff. And music I liked ...the shirelles....Paul anka...Elvis...that was something I had to sneak...but Peter Paul and Mary were fine...Simon and garfunkel too. But no contact whatsoever with boys. They were like something to be avoided at all costs. But funny...two of my closest high school buddies were gay guys....

  • tiki

    Omg...how could I forget....short skirts!!!!!

  • _Morpheus

    No..... star wars......


  • Diogenesister
    Anders (Music from)Terence Trent D'arby

    How random!!

    Punk Alice Cooper was alright

    How randomly enlightened!

    Me: Dr. Who

    Massive fights over that one

  • Diogenesister
    Average Joe Take the High Road

    😂😂😂😂Of all the bizarro things to ban - the most sedate old lady soap operah out there!!!

    Rent a Ghost

    I remember that - pretty much all TV was no go except for 'Vision-On" and 'Rhubarb and Custard'

    Any type of dancing was disapproved. Ballet lessons stopped. Except our ballet teacher was über strict and hit us with a stick so they liked that.

  • HiddlesWife

    Pierced ears ["Lookin' like Jezebel"];

    Star Trek ["Mr. Spock looks like the Devil" (like one knows what the devil really looks like)];

    Cereals such as 'Lucky Charms', 'Boo Berry', 'Franken Berry' and 'Count Chocula';

    Most disco songs;

    Playing musical instruments [especially if we weren't going to play the Kingdom Melodies];

    Exercise/physical fitness [hearing the reiteration of the scripture re: "bodily training. . . . . "];

    Bowling and other group sports [i.e., volleyball, softball, handball, etc. ("the spirit of competition. . . .")];

    Arts and crafts [i.e., painting, sewing, crocheting, knitting, etc. One older brother told my parents that "children should spend more time studying the scriptures than doing that stuff. That stuff you can do in the new system!"];

    Checking out various fashion magazines;

    and oh so much damn more--makes me sick to see how the BORG is most boring/deadly org there is!

  • Scully

    Capt'n Crunch was okay. Lucky Charms, Boo-Berries and Count Chocula were banned.

    Dairy Queen was banned for a time, because it was rumoured to be made with blood products.

    Scary movies, especially the paranormal genre were banned.

    I watched The X-Files and Unsolved Mysteries because by that time I was a grown-ass woman and wasn't going to let people tell me what I could watch on TV after my kids were in bed.

    Sports were frowned upon, except for gym class at school. After graduating, it was all "Why would you want to waste your time on exercise when you could be Pioneeringâ„¢ / Going Out In Serviceâ„¢?"

    Researching in the Bound Volumesâ„¢. I was finding inconsistencies, and was told it would be better for my Spiritualityâ„¢ if I just read the current Publicationsâ„¢.

    We couldn't watch TV shows that aired on Meeting Nightsâ„¢.

    We weren't allowed to buy/wear hockey jerseys for our favourite teams, because Idolatryâ„¢.

    Creative writing. My mother used it to blackmail me, saying that if I didn't (Go In Serviceâ„¢, stop skipping Meetingsâ„¢, stop having Worldlyâ„¢ friends, get Baptizedâ„¢ at the next Circuit Assemblyâ„¢) she was going to show my short stories to the Eldersâ„¢ and get me in trouble.

    Really got [email protected] upon when I accepted a referral from my family doctor to see a specialist to treat severe post-partum depression. "Don't tell the shrink you're a Witnessâ„¢ or he'll think we're all crazy!" "They'll get you to leave The Truthâ„¢!!" and the straw that broke the camel's back: "If you turn your back on The Truthâ„¢, your three beautiful children would be better off if you took them out in the back yard and blew their heads off with a gun. That way they won't go down with you at Armageddonâ„¢ and will be Resurrectedâ„¢ in Paradiseâ„¢."

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