Which Things Did Your Overzealous Parents Ban?

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  • tepidpoultry

    Made me destroy the Spock poster I put up in my bedroom (paid for it out of my paper route money) 😨

  • Done

    Never understood why I couldn't get involved in school sports because it would mean association with worldly kids. But I could do the science Olympiad which involved association with worldly kids. I guess sports were mentioned at meetings but 'science Olympiad' wasn't

  • faithnomore

    My life would have not been worth living if I couldn't have watched Star Trek!

    Thank whomever (mom?) that she missed that information at meetings:)

  • silentbuddha

    I could not hav e a Sega Genesis because it was a video game system that had a book of the bible in its name. She said it was an attempt to make a m mockery of God's word.

  • faithnomore

    OH Silentbudda I'm sorry!

    Thats actually really sad!

  • Gorbatchov

    Billy Joel Good Night Saigon music video was not allowed

    Everything with ghosts

    Kiss music


    Now my parrents are relaxed.


  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield

    I got all my harry Potter books thrown out. Also no cartoons or even school sports. Among many others.

  • smiddy3

    faithnomore it seems like you and me were the only parents here who had restrictions on what their children could do. LOL

    My youngest son was a huge KISS fan that got banned

    Smurfs ? not in my house

    Both my sons loved "The Life Of Brian" that soon went off and out the door when john cleese started banding the name "JEHOVAH" around LOL

    And while they could play sports at school extra curricular activities were out of bounds however they were lucky in the fact their were a lot of kids their age in the congregation and other close by congregations.

    And they have since told me they all got up to a lot of mischief us self righteous parents never had a clue about.

    It`s something we all have a chuckle about now .

  • pale.emperor


    Really got [email protected] upon when I accepted a referral from my family doctor to see a specialist to treat severe post-partum depression. "Don't tell the shrink you're a Witness™ or he'll think we're all crazy!" "They'll get you to leave The Truth™!!" and the straw that broke the camel's back: "If you turn your back on The Truth™, your three beautiful children would be better off if you took them out in the back yard and blew their heads off with a gun. That way they won't go down with you at Armageddon™ and will be Resurrected™ in Paradise™."

    Scarey stuff, and not an isolated incident either. First off, depression seems to be part and parcel of being a JW these days. And more and more are taking herbal remedies to try and treat it rather than seeing a professional (my mum's cupboard was full or St.John's Wort). And as for this "blowing the kids heads off" thing. I've heard similar things like this before.

    How very... Jonestown.......................

  • freddo

    My parents were great compared with your stories.

    I think the only thing that would have freaked them out would be if I brought a Ouija board home!

    I used to get presents/money "instead of Xmas/birthdays" - fireworks on Nov 4th or 6th - as long as it wasn't fireworks/bonfire night.

    "Worldly associates" were discouraged out of school but not banned but I spent a lot of time on my own so I used to be into making models and dioramas; and I was allowed to make warplanes (my jw mate was only allowed civil aircraft or space rockets) battleships and submarines but not to make model tanks.

    I guess killing in the air with model Spitfires and Fw 190's was okay and sinking HMS Hood and the Bismarck was alright - but Tiger tanks vs Shermans wasn't!

    Go figure.

    I sometimes wish they were stricter - I might have woken up earlier!

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