Biblical incidents that bothered me.

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  • cofty
    God can do whatever it takes to bring me relief.


  • sparrowdown

    Is a person still under God's protection if that person willfully visits an "apostate" website when God has told them in the bible stop touching "the unclean thing" for eg?

  • stillin

    Sparrowdown, were they EVER?

  • sparrowdown

    No, but FM seems to think he has God's protection.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Others that bothered me:

    The armies that were incinerated by fire when they came to Elijah pleading with him to come with them to meet with the king.

    The many bystanders that were struck dead because they happened to see the ark of the covenant on its return journey while they were celebrating its return from the enemy.

    The prophet who was deceived into eating and drinking and was killed by a lion for doing so.

    God allowing the Israelites to attack Ai and suffer loss of life before telling them that he was not backing them because someone (Achan) stole.

    What a heartless god! No wonder the pharisees were the way they were. They learned their heartless legalism from the OT. Reasonable, Jesus-like characters who bended the rules for the sake of compassion and reasonableness were killed without mercy in the OT.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Can you imagine the trumpeting of the elephants, the roar of the lions and tigers the braying of the donkeys, the bleating of the lambs and cries of all the millions of innocent animals large and small as the waters of "Noah's flood" rose and they no longer had any strength to keep themselves afloat? All because God was mad at the comparatively few humans that were living at that time.

    I have 2 dogs that I'm terribly fond of and I can't imagine witnessing something like that happening to them let alone being the one responsible for carrying out such a dastardly and cruel action toward all of the animals and birds of the earth.

    My only consolation is the realization that this event (and many others) never happened. This, along with a lot of other reasons, as long as JW teach that it was a real event, I'll know they aren't the true religion.

  • zeb

    I too have seen these bible accounts and think "hey thats rough justice." perhaps we are seeing here is that all the 'teachings' and examples being made are a-typical of what comes off the platforms of kh. They dwell always on the worst of the bible accounts and as I have said before I believe there is a chunk of the bible account that is missing.

    But I have just done a brainstorm and I can not recall any talk or a wt that covered the kindnesses shown or the character of Jesus or his disciples. The wt will go on about Peter and his FAILINGS (there we go again..) but neve the good things.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Why would 1/3 of the Angels in heaven follow Satan, unless heaven sucked. They were booted from heaven and offered what by Satan? Was it resentment of us (human), don't make sense. OK so Satan was power hungry, but 1/3 of all the angels is a large number to follow another blowhard..Maybe if he and 12 followers were kicked out of heaven, ok I might believe but 1/3 no way......

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    Also this whole belief system that in his perfect justice (that we can't question or even understand according to the GB) all the 6000 plus years of human existence filled with so much injustice and suffering - that he still watches it all and lets it continue on to wait on humans to realize he has the right to rule. If I worked for a boss that let bad things continue over and over again to happen and did not take control of the workplace properly I would rightly conclude that this boss does not have the right to govern. My conclusions from reading the bible was that it contradicts itself and it does not prove it is inspired of god. I really don't think there is a god. Science has proved that humans have been on this earth longer than the bible and GB teach. A positive thought I try to hold on to is that perhaps with science researching about our DNA they may learn how to extend our life during my lifetime- it still stings so much to accept we won't live forever like we have been taught from childhood

  • Fisherman

    Sparrowdown and the like, when she is shunned she cries, when she is talked to she screams.

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