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  • xjw_b12

    Shamus. Do you know who the dope was that started that thread the other day.......

    "Where have all the Troll gone" LOL

  • avishai
    Hi There!

    Thanks to all for your insightful remarks. For the time being, I and many others within will continue to live this way while the fun lasts.

    Many intelligent people have come to realize that this is just another of the many existing religions. However, we happen to like and agree with many of their theories, and we have found our social environment inside and for now we won't leave. Period.

    Tonight, cookout fun and music at my place! Tomorrow morning, dress up and bring info to people in our neighborhood. You know, there are some really nice articles in our literature!

    Find your balance, and LIVE!!!

    It's just a religion, just a religion, made up of imperfect human beings and ever evolving, just like all things in life.

    So they claim they're the chosen ones; well, so do many others! Don't you all worry, we'll go forward and the powers that be will decide in the end what's right and what's not.

    In the meantime, let's try to get along.
    COME NOW!!! I don't want to be a troll, just giving my perspective on things. Toughen up and take it as good as you can dish it out!

    yeah try telling that to my little brother. Or the forty other kids molestd by this guy because at least two congregations "Did'nt want to bring reproach on Jehovahs name" I'm sure he'd love to be "partying" with his old friends. Instead, he wakes up screaming at night to this day. Or tell it to Leanne Morley, from the same cong. as us, who had it covered up by one of the same bodies of elders, this was a different molester. Who had also molested over 50 kids. Who was out in service immediately after getting out of prison. Do you have kids, DY? For their sake, I hope not. Complacent jerks like you make me vomit. By the way, here is a picture of one of your own. He's going back to meetings. Click on the link to see what he's all about.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours


    What happened to your little brother is absolutely horrible. Child molestation/abuse seems to be rampant in everywhere these days.

    I am thankful, though, for all the exposure this problems is getting lately; perhaps the WTBTS will take better measures to avoid this from happening in the future. Also, families in general, and this applies to all walks of life, have to accept/take more responsibility for their young ones.

  • shamus

    You are the problem. You come on this board, say horrible things about a kind person, Vicki Bower, who was molested and your organizations elders covered it up. Your response?

    Oh, it's funny.

    Sorry to bring you down, whatever your name is, who has 2 accounts, but it's not. YOU are the problem. YOU sit and do nothing, and just laugh along with everyone else.

    I am glad that you haven't had to go through what Vicki went through. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even you.

    Your duplicate accounts, and your lack of compassion on any level (also, apologising for the WTBTS) shows that you are nothing more than a Watchtower apologist who thinks that people who struggle to get justice is funny.

    I am not angry at you. I think that you are sick. I think that you are playing us like a harmonica, and loving it. Your "latest update" and "I'll email you all soon", what? Do you have all our email addresses? I think not. You have just exposed yourself as the troll that you are. You obviously have other motives here, and we can see them six miles away.

    Actually, it's good that you posted your thoughts on Vicki Bower. It shows the sick mind mentality of people who are brainwashed into a cult that hides child abusers, whilst pointing the finger at other religions saying that they are worse. "Remove the rafter from your eye" has no meaning to them.

    See lurkers? See what kind of sick people are in this cult?

  • Nosferatu
    The Vicki Bower case is a real scream to a lot of us. She should've taken the settlement money, but I guess she thought she had a lot more coming to her (greed will do it to you all the time!) and it backfired! What a riot!!!

    Typical dub. They've always had the mindset of "Jehovah's Organization Always Wins".

    ....and child abuse isn't funny.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I stand by my previous comment. Child abuse/molestation is rampant in all walks of life.

    The WTBTS doesn't hide molesters/abusers anymore than any other type of organization does. Parents/guardians/families have to accept/take resposibility for their young.

  • jgnat

    Is the WTBTS simply another secular organization with colorful literature? You must figure Jehovah is not watching, or does not care about the affairs of men.

    1 Samuel 12:12-17 Isaiah 59:1-59 Matthew 24:38 Luke 17:27

    News flash: the WTBTS is woefully behind the rest of the world on dealing with the problem of pedophiles in positions of trust.

  • avishai
    I am thankful, though, for all the exposure this problems is getting lately; perhaps the WTBTS will take better measures to avoid this from happening in the future. Also, families in general, and this applies to all walks of life, have to accept/take more responsibility for their young ones

    Yes, It is rampant. In many walks of life.

    I am thankful for your statement about families taking responsibility for their young ones. That is why, in these cases that I referred to above & many others I have researched, where these pedophiles were finally arrested, it was always due to evedence given by a non-jw. Why do you think that is? Could it be, maybe the parents have been told "We keep these things quiet?" Could it be that they were threatened with disfellowshipping? I know these things to be true.

    But, their really red herrings as far as my original statement goes, & you are showing your true colors by spouting the "official" wts spin on it.

    My point is that thousands of children have been molested due to the WTS policy of breaking the law by not reporting abuse. And being morally bankrupt in states that do not have reporting laws. Understand? Good. Now go be a hypocrite somewhere else.

  • avengers
    perhaps the WTBTS will take better measures to avoid this from happening in the future.

    No they won't. And you know why not? Because the WT leaders don't care. They don't care if families go through hell.
    The only thing they care about is their own: don't drag Jehovah's name through the mud. What? By just allowing to
    go on with their policy they have dragged Jehovah's name not just through the mud, but through the shit.
    It's just too bad that so many have to suffer. Please peddle your ware somewhere else. I'm not impressed.

  • shamus

    At first I was displeased with this thread, but now, I see the benefit of it. It gives lurkers a chance to see how a typical witness deals with things. They think that other persons problems are they're own fault if they cannot understand it.

    It truly is sick behavior to laugh at someone else's misfortune. Laugh at someone in a wheelchair on the street and some guy would kick your ass. On the internet, people tend to be more open (me included) and gives an excellent view into their world.

    They were sitting around laughing, saying she got what she deserved, eh? I guess that she deserved to be molested? She was greedy and deserves to be destroyed financially by a "christian" organization.

    The only excuse this lame-o can come up with is "There are child molesters in every religion". Good observation, newton. Tell someone something that we don't know. I know of no other organization that pointed fingers at EVERY OTHER RELIGION and said how horrible and sick they were to have child molesters in they're churches, and they, at the same time, cover it up. Not only do they cover it up, but send a message to anyone else who wants to sue their corporation to think twice - or we'll destroy you financially.

    Now we see the true nature of Jehovahs Witnesses. Laughing about it, because they cannot face the reality of the situation. Quite sick, really.

    Then, to come on a message board and say how funny the Vicki Bower thing is, with Vicki Bower on this very message board, flashing banners up top pleading to help her financially, and this low-life saying that it's funny.

    What a sick individual.

    Have a great time at your witness drink-fests. You are just as much of the problem... why don't you go hassle someone else and make hurtful comments to old ladies next? Why don't you go on a message board dealing with sexual abuse and laugh at their misfortune.

    You truly are one sick individual. Unfortunately, this is rather prevalent in a Jehovahs Witness congregation. You cannot deal with reality, you control nothing, so the first thing that you do not understand you dismiss it as not true, or silly.

    Again, I do not wish anyone on this planet to have to go through what Vicki went through. Not even you.


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