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  • Skeptically Yours
    Skeptically Yours

    Life is good as a Witness in ‘good standing’ still doing what I please!

    My husband and I are in the Hispanic side of the Watchtower and we’re having a grand time. Just imagine, Caribeans partying a lot!

    We just found a group of others like us that don’t necessarily agree with everything in the religion, but that don’t want to leave it either.

    So we just hang out together, do our drinking, our nice partying on a weekly basis and carry on merrily. We’re a cool click within an uptight click, per say. Life is good!

    Show me a person who doesn't have a struggle with his religion and I'll show you a liar. Just have to find the ones like you and make it fun for the duration!

  • blondie

    SY, I hope someone doesn't get a twinge of conscience and run to the elders and bring your house of cards down. It only takes one person with circumstantial evidence. Seen it down many times over the last 40 plus years. Enjoy while you can.


  • little witch
    little witch

    Dear SY,

    First of all, welcome to JWD, I don't believe I have had the pleasure of meeting you.

    Can you really be a happy person living this way? I would think that having such a conflict with your religion would make alot of trouble for you.

    I mean, religion is so important and central to most people, so spiritual and personal, that I can't see how one could be so non-chalant about it.

    If my religion told me that I cannot do this and that, by pains of punishment, then I would be really nervous about doing it anyway. I don't think I could really enjoy pastimes that my religion rejects.

    I would have to decide weather those forbidden pastimes are really forbidden, and reject any authority that says otherwise.

    Or else, assuming you agree with them, not do it.

    I am not judging you in any way, but I hope you will dig deeper into your thoughts and come to a conclusion as to what you really feel. Do what is right for you, and live a happy life.

    Again, welcome.

  • sens
    Life is good!

    Yer...till they catch ya...then they will come down on you like a ton of bricks (or is it that watchtowers) and then life wont be so 'good'.

    My advice is this...Run!!!! and dont stop!!!!

  • SanFranciscoJim

    Incidences of groups of individuals deciding to remain in the Organization but not necessarily believing all the tenets of the faith are becoming more and more common.

    For example, there is a large network of gay men who are Jehovah's Witnesses who have come to call themselves "BHFs" (Brothers with Homosexual Feelings). They are fully aware of the Watchtower's condemnation of homosexuality, yet admit they are gay, and refuse to leave. They have a website entitled "Support for Jehovah's Witnesses who are 'heterosexually challenged'" at:

    I also remember a discussion some time ago about groups of JWs who, although they regularly attend the Kingdom Hall, all believe they are "anointed", and hold private Memorials in a member's home where they all partake of the emblems.

    Also, let's not forget the sects in Africa which call themselves Jehovah's Witnesses, but have become so bastardized with local tradition and ritual that they are unrecognizeable as such.

  • little witch
    little witch


    Thanks for that information. May I ask,

    How can a person who is gay, feel whole and worthwhile amoung those who so openly oppose them?

    Is it that they agree with parts of doctrine, and need to hang on for that? Or that they are not ready to let go, or what?

    a group of others like us that don?t necessarily agree with everything in the religion, but that don?t want to leave it either.

    Hmmmm. I can't help but be curious. Exactly what is it you do agree with? What's the part you don't want to let go of?

  • ashitaka
    Incidences of groups of individuals deciding to remain in the Organization but not necessarily believing all the tenets of the faith are becoming more and more common.


    My brother in law is one of them. He does whatever he wants, smokes, drinks to extinction, says more swears than a sailor, yet he goes to every meeting and feels ok about the hypocrisy.

    His explanation:

    "Even if the witnesses have no truth about them, it's all I know. My family are all witnesses, and they're willing to let me do what I want in exchange for me continuing to go to meetings."

    I say, as long as he's happy, more power to him.

    One other fact that is important here....his father is one of the best known brothers around, and if my broinlaw committed murder, people would still accept him. The good ol boys network is an important factor in closet ex-JWs pretending to be JWs, and all of the 'normal' JWs tolorating it.


  • wednesday

    I don't want to rain on your parade, but as blondie says, it only takes one person to squeal to the elders and you will all be on public reproof. Or at the very least, your little group will break up. I know it sounds perfect, and hey, if u can get away with it for a while, go for it. Maybe u can get a few more to join u. But i can tell u from being a jws all my life, it will not last. The elders know this stuff exists and are looking out for it. But enjoy while u can.Btw, real jws hate people like u.

  • kyria

    If you tell your JW friends about this, I doubt that they will want to associate with you anymore. But congratulations to you for discerning that your life is your own and doing what you like!

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