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  • jp1692

    As is so often the case, JWs playing at things they know little about. Amateur, unqualified "educators" pretending to be teachers is a disaster for the children.

    That website is to unbelievably lame. It's appalling!

  • Dagney

    I don't know what the statistics are either, but here in SoCal, homeschooling and JW schools were very very popular years ago. I think parents were trying to do what they thought was the best for their kids, but I don't think the result overall was that good. I know lots of kids that rebelled big time and left.

    Being in school as a JW brings its own pressures. I was a nervous wreck having to "take my stand" to every new teacher in grade school. Alone in the library during holiday festivities was tough but not unbearable. It's weird thinking about it now.

  • zeb

    some kids ask for home schooling as they then don't have to do homework and can drop out asap to go to work because the school environment is co 'immoral'.. in simple words they bullshit the parents.

  • LongHairGal


    I hate to say it but any JW parent who would fall for that would have to be very sheltered and ignorant themselves. And what kind of job are these JW kids going to get?

    The only way home schooling works and turns out educated children (instead of ones who got cheated out of their education and are barely literate) is if at least one of the parents has attended college. They also have to be dedicated to it and make sure the children take public exams when necessary.

    I met someone (not a JW) who didn’t want his daughter in the California school system and he home schooled her. The difference is he is an educated man and he did it right.

    I agree with most of the posters here (especially ST GEORGE OF ENGLAND) who think that home schooling by JWs is largely a failure because there is so much involved with educating a child...Maybe there’s a success story here and there with JWs but I’m sure that’s in the minority.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Any time I hear about children being homeschooled I become filled with feelings of pity for them - the same kind of feelings of pity I get when I see emaciated, starving children.

  • zeb

    LHG. Hi Great to get your comment,.... the kids in mind were after any job having no sense of any future and well you answered your own question with the parents being "very sheltered and ignorant themselves".

    Too often in my early days on entering a jw house i saw no books, only the occasional magazine and rarely a newspaper.

    The only reading material was wt stuff.


  • cofty

    I browsed their website; it is appalling!

    Here is a comment - I presume from one of the parents - who ironically calls themself 'top au writers'. What chance do these children have?

  • OrphanCrow
    Longhairgal: . And what kind of job are these JW kids going to get?


  • moreconfusedthanever

    I don't know how homeschool works where you all are but as a homeschool mum myself I find some of the comments a bit harsh.

    Homeschooling was not our first choice for our son but as a child with special needs we were left with no other option. School was his place of torture and high anxiety resulted.

    Here the application​ process is lengthy. You must show how you will teach each aspect of the curriculum and list your resources. Yearly testing of the children and reviews are had. Every year you need to show how you will meet the curriculum and children must be present for reviews.

    It's not a requirement but I completed a certificate 3 in education support and spent a year working in a school as a support officer before I was confident I could do it at home. Some of the home school mum's I have met are qualified teachers who could see their children would fall through the cracks and not get the education they deserve in a classroom of 30 with 1 over worked and stressed out teacher.

    Not everyone homeschools to keep their children from socializing with wordly children and to control everything.

    We have met a wonderful bunch of families in the same boat as us via a few Facebook pages and we all want our children to succeed in life and have found a great community to be part of.

    We need to be careful not to make generalisations.

  • cofty

    Very fair comment ^^^

    The website stresses that they are not about homeschooling. They pretend to be a real school where every child's home is a campus.

    The standard of the information on the website is dreadful. It looks like the whole project is completely amateur.

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