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  • steve2

    Home schooling is the education of choice for a number of fundamentalist, high-control groups. JWs are just one group among many where some JW children are homeschooled.

    It would be interesting to do research on whether homeschooled children are more likely or less likely to remain in the religion of their unpbringing compared to those who attend schools and whether homeschooled children are more likely or less to go through periods of unemployment post-schooling.

    My hunch is that JWs have found that homeschooling their kids is no guarantee they will remain in the religion - and that homeschooling is not as popular among JWs as it once was.

  • tor1500


    Home Schooling...my take on this is how will they ever stand for the truth...There are times when home schooling is good, some children have certain disabilities and cannot attend a traditional school. One of my friends has a grand child that has Leukemia and because of his condition he has to be home schooled. JW's are just phobic...they want to put a bubble around their children...I do know of a sister that was home schooled...nice and intelligent..& talk about gorgeous...a great Mom...but to me she's not the norm...Most likely she is sane...but to me she looks so sad. She is a nice person...great comments that are down to earth...

    Isn't there a scripture that says, don't take them out of the world but keep watch over them..John 17:15:I do not request that you take them out of the world, but that you watch over them because of the wicked one.

    But today with all this shooting in the schools, no wonder folks are afraid to send their kids to school...what's up with the schools today....what are the teachers doing to upset the kids...so many school shootings and so tragic...We are in a wacky world today...

    Some religions have their own schools. A JW as a teacher to home school their child...they barely keep up with the studies we get from the hall...Most witnesses are not disciplined enough...we all know how they forget everything...will cancel a bible study in a heartbeat...

    Home schooling is too isolated...


  • moreconfusedthanever

    Tor. It can be isolating but in our case we have much more association with like minded families than we would ever have had at school.

    The homeschool community here organise excursions several times a week and if you were to attend them all you wouldn't get any book work done.

    For my son being able to pick and choose which ones to take part in gives him a sense of being in control of his life and the excursions are usually educational and designed to meet a curriculum criteria as a bonus.

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