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  • sir82

    So, apparently, there is an organization which provides structure, curriculum, etc. for home-schooling of JW kids:


    A few quotes:

    New System School, Inc. is a non-profit private school for children of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    New System School, Inc., while recommending social awareness, does not itself adhere to evolution, nationalism, racism, worldly philosophy, pagan festivities, or excessive competition.

    in social, political, cultural, economic, and other areas, they will also be taught Christian neutrality. New System School, Inc., will not support political involvement, revolutions, or religious intervention in affairs of governments. It is our belief that a Christian's purpose in life is to glorify God (Col. 3:23, 24)(Heb. 13:5)(Rev. 15:4), and direct others to His Kingdom. (Mt. 24:14) This heavenly government is the total solution to mankind's problems, and living by Bible standards of Christian conduct will prevent a multitude of disasters in the lives of our students. (Prov. 22:3)

    This is really scary. Home-schooled JWs are by far the most maladjusted JWs out there. It's bad enough being a JW, but a home-schooled one? Wacko city.

    Here is by far the most chilling paragraph on the site:

    As children grow, God's Word, the Bible (John 17:3), will be the textbook for instruction for their standard of conduct (Gal. 5:22,23). Daily Bible reading (Josh. 1:8) will be reinforced through publications such as LEARN FROM THE GREAT TEACHER for young students, and QUESTIONS YOUNG PEOPLE ASK--ANSWERS THAT WORK for pre-teens and teenagers. A wide variety of other publications assist families to apply Bible standards of conduct in their homes. Children who resist such fine direction are patiently and kindly assisted by parents, as well as being provided association at local places of worship, where the local congregation provides specific spiritual guidance, using Matt. 18 where applicable.

    (Emphasis mine)

    Can you imagine? Kids who "cause problems" are threatened with "spiritual guidance using Matt. 18 where applicable".

    Matthew 18 is used as a basis to disfellowship people.

    "If you don't stop misbehaving, little Suzy, I'm going to tell the elders and YOU WILL BE DISFELLOWSHIPPED AND NOT HAVE ANY FRIENDS AT ALL. Now stop that crying and get back to work!"

    It's bad enough being raised as a JW and going to regular school. Can you imagine how utterly ill-prepared a JW kid who "graduates" from this "school" will be for the real world?

    How awful for these kids. It's not easy to break my heart, but just thinking about screwed up for life these poor kids are going to be....

  • DesirousOfChange

    New System has been around for a long time. At one time, I believe they even had schools that JW students attended in many parts of the US.

    JWs are by far the most maladjusted JWs out there.

    That's a fact!

  • scratchme1010

    I've known of that type of home schooling available. I have mixed feeling about that model.

    JWs are by far the most maladjusted JWs out there.

    Not even close. And no, I'm not defending them. Look at the data and statistics on "Adjustment disorder" or "Maladaptive coping", and you'll be surprised. In USA you can get that info from the NIH and the CDC.

    Nope, by far JWs are not that.

  • SummerAngel

    When the hell is home schooling going to be outlawed. Recent case not JWs but home schooled family with 12 kids in California -Turpins. Home school enabled parents to abuse those kids with no one having any idea.

    What anoys me too is those sanctimonious patents that bang on about we took little Jonny or Jane to a museum/stately home instead of boring classroom stuff. I've got news for you; normal kids get that on top of not instead of real education.

    I think what is particularly wrong is that the parents appalling choice for their children precludes them from so much as they get older- you may choose to be a window cleaner that's your choice, you have your education nwhat if your child wanted to be a nurse or teacher not a pioneer you have robbed them of so many life choices.

  • sir82

    I admit my "home-schooled JWs are the most maladjusted JWs" comment is based on my personal experience, rather than any sort of objective analysis.

  • Londo111

    The least educated, for sure.

    For all their indoctrination, I'm glad my parents sent me to public school. Of course, they disallowed college and discouraged any preparatory courses that led in that direction. And as long as I didn't get Fs, they realize didn't care about my grades (getting Fs would've been a bad witness and all that).

  • darkspilver
  • redvip2000
    This is not a home school satellite situation, but a private religious school with a faculty and non-institutional campus arrangement.

    lol... faculty. Imagine that. Faculty with advanced degrees in window washing and cart managing.

    What truly bizarre sight it is to see those kids with graduation gowns holding a diploma in what seems to be a basement. Oh how I would like to see that diploma. It must be good as a firestarter and nothing else.

    As someone mentioned here, it's mind boggling how the state lets parents decide that their kids will not go to school. It's pretty much child abuse.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    The majority of parents do not have the time or the educational qualifications and skills to teach their children. In an organisation that has discouraged higher education all through its existance these problems are compounded.

    Teaching is not about getting children to just read books. They need to experiment, perform practical work and integrate with other children to arrive at conclusions.

    How on earth do these home schoolers teach physics, chemistry and biology? I could just see my mother's reaction if I had dissected a rat or cockroach on the kitchen table!

    From the child's point of view, imagine having the same teacher all day long! If that's not bad enough having to then go home with the same person.

    No wonder there are so many whacko's among JW's, parents and their offspring!


    (Rant over)

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    home schooling is an oxymoron.

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