Jehovah's Witnesses DENY the Physical Bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ

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  • Finkelstein

    A firm belief in something without any evidence is a human folly because you avoid yourself from reality.

    There is no qestion that the Jesus god touched the hearts of many by virtue of what this god was going to do for humanity but the stark reality is that this god like so many gods created by the ancients was drawn out as appealing imagination and wanting desire, you can verify that by the actual scriptural writings of this god in the bible.

    This god was without qestion the most humanistic of gods ever imagined by man that was empathetic and compassionate to the perilous human condition.

    Unfortunately human emotions combined with imagination doesn't equate to reality of the accepted known derived from "HONEST" practical evidence.

  • lriddle80

    I love that we still are discussing this!! It really brings atheists and Christians together, albeit usually in argument form, but still! :)

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