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  • FadeToBlack
    I would just sing the damn songs anyway I like including improvised lyrics, but do it with heartfelt spirit. I'm suprised they haven't created choirs yet... Probably not enough local talent to make it possible though.
  • freemindfade
  • 3rdgen

    Stuck, You beat me to it.

    Tiki, Bad as it sounds, as a kid I would rather have sung Kingdumb songs instead of the impossibly horrible "Let God Be True" forced on me.

    Blondie, Wow, those are "golden oldies" I remember well!

    Forward Go (forward go)

    fearlessly go (fearlessly go)

    Turn the battle to the gate

    do not linger do not wait

    Follow the greater Jephthah who cannot fail

    following him, we will prevail.

    All sung and played in 4/4 march time LOL

  • Landy
    Is it not the brown songbook any more?
  • 3rdgen
    Freemind, That video is so funny I spit my coffee. Thanks for the post!!!
  • pixel
    These stupid Print-in-your-house sings are getting ridiculous. Why don't they get rid of the song book and tell everybody to print the songs at heir house one and for all???
  • undercover

    I was getting ready to call 'BS' on this until I saw the PDFs uploaded from a second source.

    I mean, seriously... who needs a paragraph of instructions, with bullet points, on how to study up on a new church hymn?

    How can we individually learn the new songs? When the music, lyrics, and choral arrangements
    become available in your language on or JW Broadcasting, follow these four
    steps: (1) Listen repeatedly to the music or choral renditions of the songs until you know them
    well. (2) Analyze the lyrics, and try to memorize them. (3) Sing the melody together with the lyrics
    until you have mastered each song. (4) Rehearse the new songs a few times during your Family
    Worship session until your family is comfortable with them.

    "Listen repeatedly..." Is there subliminal message when sung out loud? Did the WTS learn something from Led Zeppelin, KISS, Queen, and the Beatles? Will dubs start listening to their Kingdom Melodies backwards, looking for hidden messages?

    "...memorize..." Why? The words are written down, just read em. Unless, of course, there's some kind of indoctrination going on with repeating the same words over and over by memory. Naahhh... the WTS would never do that {insert roll eyes thingy here}

    "Rehearse during Family Worship..." Like dubs don't have enough problems keeping young ones in 'the truth'. This is sure to cure that ailment. Just sit around and sing Kingdom Melodies as a family. The little kiddies will just be so encouraged to stay in Jah's service. {insert heavy sarcasm here}

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Why don't they just scrap the current song book and almalgamate these new songs? Almalgamate these new songs into the already terrible current songs into a whole new book.
  • BashfulAshG

    Why won't they just start having church choirs?!

    My ears bleed because the "friends" cannot sing well.

  • dubstepped
    You have the Memorial, which is supposed to be this uber important dignified occasion, and you release new songs at the last minute to be sung by ordinary singers? Seems very opposed to the importance they place on the occasion.

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