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    Re: New Songs for Memorial

    Dear Brothers:

    We are pleased to inform you that we will sing two new songs at the Memorial of
    Christ’s death on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Song 147 is entitled “A Special Possession,” and
    song 149 is entitled “Grateful for the Ransom.”

    So that all congregations will have the opportunity to practice the new songs prior to the
    Memorial, we are adjusting the concluding songs of the midweek meetings for the weeks of February
    22 through March 14, 2016, according to the following schedule: weeks of February 22
    and March 7—song 147; weeks of February 29 and March 14—song 149. On these occasions,
    we will listen to the music of the song once in its entirety, and then we will sing the new song.
    Thus, on the night of the Memorial, we will be prepared to sing the new songs with confidence.
    Electronic editions of the Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook for February and March will soon
    reflect those changes.

    How can we individually learn the new songs? When the music, lyrics, and choral arrangements
    become available in your language on or JW Broadcasting, follow these four
    steps: (1) Listen repeatedly to the music or choral renditions of the songs until you know them
    well. (2) Analyze the lyrics, and try to memorize them. (3) Sing the melody together with the lyrics
    until you have mastered each song. (4) Rehearse the new songs a few times during your Family
    Worship session until your family is comfortable with them.—km 12/14 p. 7.

    These new songs will give us further reason to praise Jehovah during the upcoming Memorial
    season. (Ps. 96:2) Please be assured of our warm Christian love and best wishes.

    //How happyfiying! How many new songs already released now!

  • Darkknight757

    Man more new songs? Hope they don't suck like the last few.

    Who am I kidding? They will LOL

  • cappytan
    These new songs will give us further reason to praise Jehovah during the upcoming Memorial season.

    Thank you Jehovah for the new songs! I know there are so many people all over the earth that you could have helped. Refugees from Syria, People being oppressed in Somalia, Women in Saudi Arabia, etc. all could have used your help. However, instead, you gave us new songs for the Memorial! There could be no better reason to praise you!

  • WTWizard

    The total will be a Saturn-tie-in 150. This number ties in with Saturn's energy--15, adding to 6. Which happens to be Saturn's number--what I wonder is where are songs 146 and 148 before 147 and 149? Song 150 can come afterwards.

    Not that the songs themselves are worth anything. They are programmed for your damnation.

  • freemindfade
    The religions new system is keep changing so fast, and being so confusing no one has time to question or think anything is wrong, they are just afraid of falling behind.
  • tiki
    How weird....very weird. Practice family worship singing new brainwash singsongs.... Poor kids who have to live with uber dub parents who actually would do this.....ayiyiy.....
  • Divergent
    Yet another boring dirge!!!
  • blondie
    I think the first one is to remind the non-anointed how special the anointed are and the non-anointed that the ransom applies to them too, but in a lesser way.
  • JW_Rogue
    Yes, why new songs on a special holiday? Wouldn't you want some traditional songs that everyone knows how to sing already? To me this is way to make families sing these songs at home. Practicing the song is further brainwashing for parents and children. Many will do it because they won't want the congregation to sound terrible singing a song they have never even heard.
  • blondie
    I think the WTS is trying to make a teaching point to all the new anointed.

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