Did others experience this on the ministry or among JWs generally?

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  • JRK

    So slim,

    Are you in the LDS for the "celestial sex?"


  • careful

    Sometimes the conversations would get specific about who is going to get which big house.

    I couldn't help but think of some well known characters in the Bible who did something similar:

    "The Zebedee boys came to Jesus and asked for the best spots in the kingdom … when the others heard about this, they got angry" etc. (Mark 10:35-44)

    Elsewhere Jesus called such places "abodes" or as the AV/KJV puts it, "mansions," John 14:2.

    There Jesus did take them to task for their "crass, selfish and pathetic attitude to have to fellow human beings," even their own brothers.

    I guess then we should expect the same thing today, eh?

    BTW in looking up these passages, I discovered that the RNWT has adopted the standard translation of many other Bibles at John 14:2, getting rid of the "many abodes" rendering for "many dwelling places." (NAB, NEB, NRSV)

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