Did others experience this on the ministry or among JWs generally?

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  • Landy

    No never. And I think anyone that came out with a statement like that would have been looked at very strangely.

  • Wayward

    My area of Pennsylvania US doesn't have many affluent neighborhoods (we're mostly rural here) but there are a few. And yes, I heard comments like that pretty often 20 some years ago. Don't know what its like now.

  • Alive!

    @Old Hippie.

    A few times out on ministry I witnessed Seasoned JWs jokingly talk about 'leaving their songbook' in the letter box by the gate of a desirable property - in order to have first dibs after Armageddon....their explanation, not mine....

    This occurred in two different countries, and no-one looked shocked but laughed at the 'inhouse' joke....we're talking elders and pioneers here....a quaint little custom in these English speaking lands apparently.

    I was a foolish little 'convert' - the stuff I heard, I should have ran, ran, ran.

    Many were also obsessed also with what they wanted for an improved body.....and we are talking cosmetic here....

  • Spiral

    I have heard that before out in service and at the hall. Usually, it was from a JW that was barely making it but was too "spiritual" (aka stubborn) to go out and get a real job.

    One brother used to give talks where he'd always put down successful "worldly" people, as in they can't be really happy and they must be working non-stop to have the nice house and car, etc. (Really???)

    Meanwhile, he was frequently unemployed or working at minimum wage jobs, because he was just too hard to get along with. But, he always blamed "this system" for being against him, and he was going to have it all in the "new system" (and have his revenge). Ugh!

    Overall, I think a lot of JWs said things like that and didn't even realize how wacky it sounds. Of course, this was years ago, perhaps it's not as prevalent now. But it says something about the mindset.

  • LongHairGal

    I was once out in service in an affluent area with an ignorant sister who made the remark "well, they're having their reward in full".

    I realized, of course, that many Jehovah's Witnesses have envy and jealousy issues about money and material possessions.

    It's too bad some of these Witnesses pursued poverty. So, they are begrudging people their nice things and hoping everybody else dies so they can claim the loot!

    Instead of having sat at stupid meetings listening to idiots clapping as names were announced as "pioneers" - these covetous JWs should have been working overtime OR attending classes somewhere to get a better career! Instead, they liked titles and being invited to special gatherings.

    I can't feel sorry for them, really.

  • Splash

    Well, the WT has made the ministry sound so appealing:

    *** w55 1/15 p. 63 Group Witnessing in Mountainous Italy ***
    Could one conceive of the average Roman Catholic congregation in Italy having one out of four able to give Bible lectures or sermons and all of its members starting out at six in the morning for the purpose of spending the day trudging from house to house talking religion?

    That just about sums it up.
    No wonder they have to fantasize about living a happy life in someone else's house.
  • Xanthippe

    There was always a lot of envy when working in nice affluent areas. Comments like, 'they've got their paradise now, they won't listen to us'.

    Contrast this to a manager I worked for after I left who would talk about a beautiful house in the town she would love to buy, but she and her husband had both been working hard for years to save for it if it ever came up for sale. Difference between dreamers and realists.

  • freemamaof3

    I heard this a lot in car groups with other pioneers when i was pioneering. It always made me uncomfortable how they were looking forward to the death of a husband, wife and children just to get into that house. Why not just stop washing windows for a living and make some cash and get your own big house without counting on the death of someone? I was always amazed how they would say vile things like that in the car but sugar woudn't melt in their mouth if the HH actually opened the door and was kind. It really did a number on my faith. I attribute some of my loss of faith specifically to the ministry and how the JW pioneers behaved.

  • Ucantnome

    Was that sort of conversation typical in your experience?

    i remember it in the early sixties but not later.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I haven't been out in service for 25 years, but I do remember the "friends" talking about which property and houses they'd like to take over in the New World™. It must be pretty common. Recent study articles in the Watchtower exhorted JW's to learn unquestioning obedience now so they can be content after Armageddon if their assigned work and accommodations aren't their first preference.

    I don't think even the GODs (Guardians of Doctrine) in New York really believe all that Armageddon and New System™ nonsense, but just in case, they're already starting to lower their followers' expectations.

    On another note, I too have been "accused" many times of living in my Paradise now, implying that I should give it all up in hopes of the other Paradise after Armageddon. Uh...no. If I seem to be in Paradise now, it's only because of my own hard work and diligence, getting the necessary education and training, and then persistently pursuing the career until I got my foot in the door, starting at the very bottom. That, and several lucky breaks. But even the lucky breaks (like being at the right place at the right time) wouldn't have done any good if I hadn't already acquired the qualifications and experience needed. So yes, I'm enjoying the fruits of my labor immensely. And no, I don't feel the least bit guilty about it.

    Besides, I wouldn't even want to live in a world run under any Theocracy. Life in ancient Israel was no picnic. Similar in many ways to ISIS. If "Paradise" were run like the Borg, but with governmental power and authority to physically punish, it would be much the same. No thanks!

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