Did others experience this on the ministry or among JWs generally?

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  • jwundubbed

    We never worked affluent areas. Almost everyone in my congregations were on the poorer side of middle class. There were a few elders that ran their own businesses and made decent money. But even though we never went door-to-door in wealthy areas I still heard comments like these. My family moved a lot and we went to a lot of open houses so I never felt any great desire to live in any one specific house.

  • Phizzy

    I did hear that, coveting someone else's House, from someone during my years in. Frankly the attitude disgusted me, and I also thought at the time " I bet you don't try very hard to bring people with nice Houses in to the "truth" "

    This is just another example of the sick mentality that is the norm among JW's.

  • kairos

    I have lived in only two communities.

    Santa Cruz, Ca and Napa, Ca.

    Both have very exclusive and wealthy neighborhoods with multi-million dollar homes.

    This claiming of property, judging the inhabitants, and general bad thoughts about the 'worldly' was ALWAYS HAPPENING within the service groups. I have always found it disgusting and wrong. Sadly, I may have been caught up in it myself...


    It's all because of the term "worldly".
    Among the worst slurs against humanity.

    Dehumanizes the majority of the population.
    The JWs feel no pity. That is why they constantly pray for 'god' to destroy everyone. 'Let your kingdom come'.

    They want the slaughter... and your house, too


    Did others experience this on the ministry or among JWs generally?

    A few times on the ministry, when we were working wealthy areas with large houses, some brothers and sisters would make the comment that they look forward to taking ownership of one of these big houses after Armageddon, when the worldly people have vacated them.....SBF

    I heard that all the time growing up..

    Considering how many people from different countries have heard the same thing..

    It`s obviously a common conversation among JWs..


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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Heard it many times. We've had some very affluent areas in the congregations I've been in and I think sometimes this conversation is a way of JWs dealing with the cognitive dissonance of paradise postponed in a sort of "I thought I should have been in my dream home already so I'll daydream instead" way.

  • slimboyfat

    I think this is a key difference between JWs and Mormons.

    If a Mormon sees a big house he'd like to live in he might think: I wonder what I can study and what job I can do to be able to afford that.

    A JW might think: if don't study beyond school and give up on a career, maybe I'll please Jehovah enough that he'll let me have that house one day.

    That sounds really crass. Is that putting it too strong?

  • Londo111

    Well there's also that Mormons don't believe the Big A will bring the genocide of seven billion non-Mormons...

  • sir82

    True....but then again, your eternal reward is still based on jumping through a set of hoops. Different hoops, but it's still hoop-jumping just the same.

    In the grander scheme of things, there is little difference between JWs & Mormons. Both are based on unorthodox interpretations of putative holy books.

  • slimboyfat

    I don't know. If you've got one religion that says do the best you can and make the best of your life, and the other that actively discourages you. I'd say that's a non-trivial difference!

  • sweetgrass

    I think because being in the Borg was so soul destroying the thought of a huge reward in the future kept you going from door to door.

    Mind you we have just moved to Wales with a huge JW following and I cannot grasp how many are living in expensive houses. I would have thought they would be glad to sell them for the 'kingdom interests'. I found out the house we bought belonged to a JW family for 100 years. Not investigated the loft yet, who knows what we will find? Lol....the seller told us how they had found their dads brewing kit in the old shed, they did not know our JW status!

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