Ladies First

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    It must have an evolutionary basis, sex being the strongest force between men and women - it does have an evolutionary basis.

    Natural selection has selected humans to live in patriarchal hierarchies. Radical feminists don't want to know but it's reality. Gorillas also live in patriarchal groups. Spotted hyenas live in matriarchal clans, with the lowest ranking females out-ranking the highest ranking males.

    Scientists have not got the full picture but this is what they've discovered: human behaviour (and other animal behaviour) is coded for by genes. Behaviour is a phenotype, just like having green eyes or curly hair are phenotypes. So, if men and women differ in behaviour, there's a genetic basis for this.

    For decades, women have been allowed to choose what they want to do in the work place and radical feminists hate it because men and women choose to do different jobs, hence the calls for 'proportional representation' and 'gender balance'.

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