New Upcoming Changes - No More Publisher Record Cards & Reporting Hours

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  • Phizzy

    The Org shifted some years ago to more and more rigid control. To relinquish this method of both control and assessing if someone is slacking is so uncharacteristic as to be highly unlikely IMHO.

    Electronic Data can be wiped so easily I do see them going that way, plus the C.O could access the Data from his comfortable digs in Brother Rich. Snivvleass-Brownose' Mansion. No need for him to even get an Elder to drop the Cards off.

  • Crazyguy2

    It could happen, I hear that over in China because of the ban JWs only have to leave their homes with the intent to preach and they can count their hours. Maybe they’ll do something like this also stopping mandatory preaching they think may keep many from leaving.

  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Publishing house (WTS.) or as its now known JWorg. was always an operational work of corrupt marketing to enhance the proliferation of what the WTS published. .

    False doctrines were devised to enhance this literature proliferation and make publicly distributing that literature an act of preaching the good news of the new kingdom.

    The more active you were in doing so the more righteous you were, which supposedly would place that individual in greater appeasement with Jehovah.

    The bragging of well I'm special pioneering next month could be heard within just about every JWS congregation.

    The connection of what the WTS published and the amount of hours each congregation would document was an indication of just how spiritually strong that congregation was and that was observed by the visiting COs.

    The counting of numbers within many of the elements of the JWS has always been an ongoing and important activity, such as each individual JWS writing down and handing in how much time they spent publicly distributing the WTS's publications.

    One could describe it as a woeful act of exploitation and manipulation by the WTS leaders upon own members of the organization.

    The WTS leaders knew they were lying in creating many of its doctrines pertaining to mankind living in last days, this generation, the Great tribulation and Armageddon to come soon proclamations made by the WTS. but they were intentionally used to allure people to the publications and enhance the distribution of those pieces of literature.

    It now seems the WTS(Jworg) is trying to hide that fact from public awareness and maybe even from its own still active adherents.

  • redvip2000

    I suspect that this is probably true.

    Think about it. The org is counting at this point, and they can tell the numbers are trending lower and lower. They can see the writing on the wall and soon they will be reporting negative numbers. They can't really completely fabricate the numbers explicitly, and they have already been massaging them in other ways.

    But they know that was a temporary fix. The numbers are still declining so the only reasonable thing is stop reporting all together. They know they can come up with bible bullshit to support that to the rank and file.

    They have a history of doing this. They already said the numbers of those partaking cannot be considered accurate, so there isn't much emphasis on it. They will probably say something along the lines of that. Maybe that stopping the reporting will free time for the brothers to do other things. That it will save money on supplies. That the time you preach is between you and Jellohoba, yadda yadda yadda.

  • Hecce

    Many of the oldtimers might remember that in the distant past the success of the preaching work was measured by placements (sales). There was a large information board in the lobby of the Kingdom Hall and service figures were listed there on a weekly basis, no different than any sales organization.

    At the Conventions the juiciest experiences were of the people that had the best numbers of placements. All of this collapsed with start of the voluntary contributions, the service work has never recovered from that.

  • Crazyguy2

    I think they have to make some serious changes if they really care about their numbers. The cult is loosing members something like 200,000 per year if their numbers are close to correct which I think their not. They need to become more like the nieghborhood Christian Church that’s all about socializing and doing group activities etc.

    They can’t get people to john if they have to go preach every weekend, they can’t retain members if they continue to try and control people’s lives so much. They need to drop the blood doctrine, reduce disfellowshipping , stop shunning those that just don’t believe or don’t go. Stop with the private and public reprove and just go to a counsel based idea. If they became a kinder and gentler cult people will stick around for their friends and belief in god but at their current rate of doctrines and practices their loosing members and will become a dead cult !

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Thank you thedepressedsoul...I would say that your reliable source is pretty reliable! Four years ago your reliable source gave you an insider tip on JW Congregation mergers and Kingdom Hall sell-offs...lo and behold currently worldwide just as predicted we have consolidation of congregations as well as Kingdom Halls being sold off and many a rank and file are not too happy about it!

    Now you're telling us that soon there will be no more publisher record cards and turning in of field service time. Well all I can say is...I'm looking forward to how 'Mother' is going to introduce this change!

    I've been in this cult for decades...I can't remember a time when there has been soo many 'Pink Elephants' all at the same time and at every level (district, circuit and congregational) that WT has had to deal with. This thing about record cards and reporting time will be another 'Pink Elephant' no one wants to talk about...Yay! Just another day in Paradise!

    All in all...I really don't think there's a Stadium, Convention Arena, Circuit Assembly Hall or Kingdom Hall that can accommodate all these 'Pink Elephants'...all at the same time. The future is not good for 'Mother'!

  • Finkelstein

    Sounds like the obvious lying and deviously corrupt Watchtower Corporation (Religious Publishing house) is trying to morph and distance itself into something clean and not so obviously corrupt like taking on a new identifier JWorg.

    Will they drop the Watchtower namesake all together in the immediate future ?

    ........ my guess they will.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    I stopped keeping up with my time long ago, even before I woke up. I used to feel so guilty about it, but after learning TTATT I couldn't care less. I do as little as possible, and a rainy Saturday morning must be what Christmas feels like. I don't care how much I actually do, I'm reporting double digits just as sure as water is wet. And I try not to talk about the literature with people, I just hand it to them and talk about something else.

  • sir82

    I don't care how much I actually do, I'm reporting double digits just as sure as water is wet.

    I think there are hundreds of thousands if not millions who do the same.

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