New Upcoming Changes - No More Publisher Record Cards & Reporting Hours

by thedepressedsoul 108 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Finkelstein

    To the wise the people who were devoted JWS were really the WTS's own designated and loyal public sales representatives , false doctrines and all.

    I wonder what Jesus would say in ancient times coming upon a person on the street selling literature with false doctrines ?

  • DesirousOfChange

    IF TRUE --- This could remove the need for them to lie about increases.

    We know there has been a clear decline in most industrialized nations. That is bound to continue and get worse (for WT). No hours to report. No placements to report. No annual report that bears the bad (discouraging) news.

    But, until there is a "2nd witness" to this allegation, it is.........just rumor.

  • no-zombie

    Its not that hard to imagine this to occur, if it is linked to the unique publisher id number system, said to be in development. It could work this way. A global portal could be created where a publisher enters their id number, a congregational identifier and a password and login to submit their "time". Statistically it would be a boon the the Organization where a more direct accounting could be had. Bye passing the Branches (and their fiddling with the numbers as rumored in the passed) while still offering a way for the CO to make appointments of "spiritual men".


  • Acluetofindtheuser

    You were right on about the kingdom hall consolidation here in the USA. It's just starting to have an effect in my region. Your post about this was four years ago. The end to the publisher card and reporting requirement should end in about four more years if your sources are true.

  • Finkelstein

    No annual report that bears the bad (discouraging) news.

    If the JW organization is on toward a decline in participating members, the WTS heads would want to conceal that fact.

    Kind of ruins the illusion that Jah's chariot is moving on at faster rate.

    DOC might be on to something

  • WTWizard

    Another way to introduce fake numbers? Without paper cards, they could put you down as "active" with a mouse click, and type in any number they feel like. I suppose they are going to claim an abrupt increase, say to 20 or 30 million, using fake digital time slips.

    And they thought Satan was the father of the lie? The same Satan they hate so much? Just goes to show that Christi-SCAM-ity and jokehovianism do horrible things and then attribute it to Satan, who is in fact against this activity because it primes mankind to being enslaved.

  • waton

    perhaps new privacy laws play into this. if it is illegal to keep house to house records, can publisher cards that are send from congregation to congregation when you move be far behind?

    awesome thedepressedsoul !!! can you press the" Armageddon" button?

  • slimboyfat

    I think this could be true. In some ways it’s the natural extension of halting literature production. Why do you need to measure “publishing” activity when there’s no literature for people to distribute?

    It would have massive implications for how the organisation functions. For example will there still be pioneers? How will they define a pioneer, if not hours? I guess the concept will need to be redefined or dropped altogether, and with it much of the incentive structure that currently keeps the organisation functioning. Other churches function without counting hours, but they have other incentive systems in place which JWs lack (for example congregational autonomy, which is a powerful motivation for congregations of other religious groups, is completely lacking with JWs).

    It really does feel like the GB believe the game is up, so they are drawing down their assets, and winding down the organisation.

  • slimboyfat

    Is there any word on the official reason they are going to provide for this change, and the real reason?

  • baldeagle

    I think “no-zombie” nailed this one. Reporting will still be required but in a digital format from your phone, tablet or computer on their super-duper website. Those not tech savvy can still hand in a hard copy report. The recommendations of MS’s or elders are step #1 their service report. Are they doing the national average or a low hour brother? National average is OK, move to step #2… low hour minion pass, move on to the next candidate.

    Also at its core, this religion is all about appearance and pleasing men. Imagine removing the obligation to report time. What incentive would there be to go out at all. Who’s going to prove whether you were out or not? In my area they have a combined service group at the hall for one congregation the 1st Saturday of each month, for another congregation the 4th Saturday of each month. Because many are simply “men pleasers” they only go out on that one Saturday, including many elders and their wives. You go to the one KH group, 60 to 70 people witness your presence. You then drive around 30 min, do two return visits, then coffee time for 90 min. I believe that reporting “field service” regardless of how small the amount or whether publishers lie about it, like many do, is how HQ explains that they give back to the community and do charitable works.

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