New Upcoming Changes - No More Publisher Record Cards & Reporting Hours

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  • LV101

    Could it be they're doing everything possible to look 'normal' like mainstream, popular, religions -- might be an incentive for growth along with their panda/perfect world promise. Toss in potlucks on Sunday, dance night and voila -- need those hundreds of halls again.

    I like SBF's 3rd paragraph the best! That would be awesome -- good wind down of the cult with live coverage right here on this site.

  • Listener

    I think No Zombie is on the money with this

    Its not that hard to imagine this to occur, if it is linked to the unique publisher id number system, said to be in development.

    The unique publisher id is in development and was announced at an internal meeting which was leaked. I think they said that not all JWs would require an id but whether they just meant inactive JWs would not be on the system was not specified.

    Individuals could log into their own number or have someone assist them. There would be no need for paper publisher cards but I can't see that reporting hours would go, it would make it much easier for the organization. They would probably link it to their email and could remind publishers when they haven't reported.

    They are very slow for such a fast moving organization to get this in place.
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    I wonder if the publishers unique online ID would include their credit card details?

  • Wonderment

    Me thinks the WTS is under pressure from some countries to enforce emerging strict privacy laws. If the past is any indication, when the WTS makes a change, it is a good bet that lawyers are behind some of these moves.

    Also, the waning of new publication releases lessens the urgency to keep the system they have now, and the brotherhood apathy going on right now in the field with its corresponding low numbers of new believers may all play a part.

    So, who knows? More changes may be coming our way.

  • alanv

    Im not sure why several posters dont believe the Watchtower figures. For years they have shown the sheep the negative figures as well as the positive ones. They have shown the massive increase in memorial partakers, when we all know those figures were meant to be going down. Europe has had no increase at all in the last two years. This is clearly shown in the figures that Watchtower have published for each ''land'' in Europe.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    All our Publishers Record Cards have been destroyed, the records are kept on a computer. This is in line with the 2019 "Shepherd" book, Chapter 22:-

    12. Field Service Records: The Congregation’s Publisher Records
    (S-21) belong to the local congregation. Each branch office provides
    direction to bodies of elders on whether to retain the records
    electronically or in printed form. If the records are retained
    electronically, the body of elders decides whether to use the form
    provided by the branch office or some other method that displays
    the same information in the same format. The congregation’s
    field service records should contain at least 13 months of
    activity but no more than 36 months. (od pp. 77-78) The file is
    divided into two sections—“Active” and “Inactive.” The section
    for active publishers should be arranged alphabetically, with the
    records subdivided into sections for (1) regular and special pioneers
    and field missionaries and (2) all other publishers. The section
    for all other publishers should be arranged by field service
    group. Additionally, three separate Congregation’s Publisher Records
    should be filled out to reflect the combined monthly totals
    for (1) all regular and special pioneers and field missionaries,
    (2) all auxiliary pioneers, and (3) all other publishers.

    Most publishers also send their report to the Secretary via email.


  • Hecce

    There is a strong possibility that this is true and coming. They have made changes more monumental that this one, like the dismantling of the Bethel families and the Congregations merger.

    One thing that is obvious is that field service is not what it use to be, the majority of the reported activity is just fake service and remember that the original reports were just a way for the colporteurs to report their sales and request new supplies.

  • careful

    While the format of reporting records and the org keeping tabs on everyone is apparently in the works to be changed, we should not think that the concept is changing. They certainly do not want to give up any control of anyone under their sway.

    Some posters note a likely reason for this reported coming change, that is, like so many other changes, legal fears. That's legit. However, more is at work here. It will now be easier for those at HQ to check up on anyone, since each publisher's record will now be available within their in-house digital system. Right now, if some chap in the Service Department wants the field service time, other sheep or anointed status, or record of judicial action against someone, he would have to contact a local secretary. In this new system, he'll just press a button. It will also reduce paperwork and save time.

    When the CO visits, on Tuesday during the day he meets with at least some of the BOE and carefully goes over each pub record card. Now he'll be able to do so online before he arrives. As we know, it's all about streamlining and especially about control, control, control.

    Sorry, SBF, the org is not collapsing, your wishes to the contrary notwithstanding. Nor is their becoming like other religions in a big way in the works (in some small things, no doubt), again, in spite of your cravings.

  • Biahi

    I wonder if they have retained any records on me at all, I haven’t darkened their doors since 1983, and no longer live in that territory.

  • WillYouDFme

    haa - funny - no way will it ever ever happen.

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