Does It Bother You That Amazon’s Alexa Can Hear What You Re Doing?

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  • Humphry

    The government is interested in all this data too. I mean you can't really expect them not to be, I'm sure they like to feed that data through some supercomputer AI to extrapolate the data useful to them.

  • Spiral

    I love my Alexa devices, and I use them for listening to music, information, reminders, that sort of thing. The device has to listen out so it can identify when you call it by name (the "wake word") and then respond to your query.

    I don't have any scandalous conversations, but if I was planning to, I'd unplug it first.

    Unfortunately, anything done online or via cellphone creates an information profile which is invaluable to many parties, but as was mentioned, unless you live like a hermit you can't avoid most of it. That's why, while I'm typing this, my favorite jewelry company has the large advert space to the right of the text box.

  • minimus

    Everyone is watching us or listening. 🤓👂

  • Biahi

    We got an Alexa for Christmas, haven’t taken it out of the box yet, due to privacy concerns, and we aren’t doing anything wrong, unless you count celebrating holidays wrong. Lol

  • minimus

    Alexa wants to talk to your elders

  • blondie

    I will never have such devices in my home and/or life; except when I am over at friends who do have it. Then my privacy would then be at risk.

    I am closing in on 70 and come from a different generation than many of today's people. I can remember, dial telephones not portable ones, I can remember only 4 channels on tv and not being able to record my shows to view later when they fell on meeting nights. And many other things. I even know how to cook just about anything over an open fire or wood stove, kill and butcher animals, have a garden for produce, how to can, and fruit trees (haha, but true).

    Some technology can make our lives better, but I feel we should not forget the old ways and how to do things without electricity for example. Some things will make us slaves to technology though.

  • Diogenesister
    All one has to look is how conservative voices are being shut down on these platforms but especially on YT, Twitter, and Facebook (biggest platforms). When company representatives were asked by Congress why this was happening no one had a valid explanation. Yet, it continues to happen!

    The reason is pretty simple I'd say. It's because social media platforms are predominantly a feature of young people's lives. And the young tend not to be conservative. The most reactionary voices are always bound to be the loudest amongst those youngsters, too.

  • minimus

    I think social media control is from very wealthy people who control everything

  • Diogenesister
    Alexa wants to talk to your elders

    I wonder when watchtower will get a 'special deal's for all dubs with Alexa so that they can get the *daily text, be advised when Armageddon has know, the usual.

    *oh...and the elders can listen in to all devices for shepherding, as a special feature!!

  • Simon

    Here's a fun experiment.

    Go out. Talk about something with your phone on the table. Something you wouldn't normally talk about and have no interest in.

    Come home. Browse the internet.

    Marvel at the "random" ads appearing that just happen to focus on the thing you talked about.

    Google are lying shits when they claim you have privacy. You absolutely do not and they are not your "friend" or trying to do anything other than monetize as much data as they can vacuum up about you.

    That includes listening in on your conversations with the microphone and transmitter then have fooled you into carrying around.

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