Does It Bother You That Amazon’s Alexa Can Hear What You Re Doing?

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  • minimus

    I love my apple 🍎 phone

  • hoser
    people give away too much information for free.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Tell me iwantouknow, does Alexa listen in apart from when the name is commanded?

  • Dagney

    Oh hell no.

    Edited to add: Hell no to Alexa or anything like that.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I know my phone and wifi listen. No other way can I suddenly get ads for things we discuss--- new gutters, car tires, appliances. Things we never googled either

  • stillin

    Road to nowhere is probably right. Your phone can be turned into a hot mic. Your "smart" tv is probably capable of making your living room into a stage where you are a player. Your iPad is most likely capable of "spying" on you if you have loaded certain apps onto it.

    If you discuss how bombs should be made a lot at home, men in black will be coming through your door.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my DiL bought me one for xmas. and a lightbulb. i dont use it. cant be arsed with instructions.

    alexa and lightbulb for sale.

  • slimboyfat

    If it’s not Alexa, then it’s your phone, car, computer, and whatever else recording, I presume. What next: the fridge, washing machine, door, bed, wall even? I pretty much assume that total surveillance is inevitable sooner or later. Trying to halt it is like King Canute. No point. So I wouldn’t specifically avoid Alexa for this reason, although I don’t have Alexa or anything like it. I’m generally behind the curve with technology, except with the iPhone. I bought my first iPhone when it came out in 2007, for business purposes.

  • LV101

    My husband told me to unplug the stupid thing and throw in the trash mos ago/lol. I keep it unplugged at night (dinner - when we're conversing/yelling at news channels) but I like it on in the day time when I'm gone - extra security, maybe. The music I request played seems to indicate Amazon this or that -- it's not the Top Pop great stuff played on my Amazon account under the Sonos sound system and requested 70s/80s/Top Pop, whatever, music isn't that great - IMO. Guess I'll trash it.

    I know people that buy and set up for their elderly parents, husbands/wives recovering from surgery in case of falls, etc., if one spouse/partner is away. They can yell out for emergency help. Probably a good device for people who live alone.

  • redvip2000
    does Alexa listen in apart from when the name is commanded?

    You're not getting it. It needs to listen at all times so it recognizes when you issue the vocal keyword. How else would it know you said it? If i'm not listening to you, why I know if you tell me a keyword?

    Once it detects the keyword, it records your voice snippet and sends it to Amazon to fetch a response. That voice snippet is likely stored and probably associated with your email, which could then be used to build a profile of your interests. That data is worth money.

    Also I like how all of you are terrified about Amazon Echos, but ignore the copious amount of data that is collected from you with every text, voice call, and online activity. And who cares? Unless you live like a hermit, this is the price to pay in a modern society with all the conveniences.

    Luckily, nobody gives a shit about your family discussions, the complaints about your spouse, or the minutiae of your life. At best, they simply want to gather some data on what you want to buy, so they can sell it to other companies.

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